Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Checking Out the Vendy's International Meats Local


A couple weekends ago we attended the Street Vendor Project's International Meats Local at the New Amsterdam Market, a special event which featured five popular New York street vendors (four Vendy's finalists and one winner) making their signature recipes with humanely raised meats and other locally sourced ingredients. Five tastes (and by "tastes" I mean plates of food) went for just $20, calling this a great deal is a huge understatement...

Here’s what was on the menu:
Taiwanese beef and kimchi dumplings by A-pous
Mexican egg and chorizo sandwiches by Eggstravaganza
Pork tamales by Guadelupes Tamales
Chicken pupusas by Solber Pupusas
Jamaican Jerk Chicken by Veronica's Kitchen

In season produce was sourced from Union Square Greenmarket farms; eggs from Knoll Krest Farm; pork and beef from the Marlow and Daughters butcher shop in Williamsburg; chicken from Bo Bo poultry; and the masa for the tamales and pupusa came from Hot Bread Kitchen and was made using New York State corn.

Every bite was awesome. I had to pace myself and I still ended up completely stuffed. I was so full that I was actually grateful that Veronica's Kitchen ran out of food before I could get a plate because then I didn't have to feel guilty for missing out. The pupusas and tamales were especially delicious. The masa tasted a bit brighter and a bit sweeter than the regular masa I’m used to tasting.

Pupusas on the griddle

While waiting in line for pupusas I was taking some mental technique notes watching the forming and shaping of the pupusas--Solber and all the other vendors from the event are featured in our upcoming best of New York street food book. And I'm pleased to report that years of pupusa eating and pupusa-watching have paid off. Last night using Reina Soler's recipe, I made some darn tasty homemade pupusas.

For more of our recipe testing antics (and news of where we'll be photographing carts and trucks for the book in case you want to try to get in the photos), follow us on Twitter @BlondieBrownie.

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