Monday, May 7, 2012

Domo Taco's Japanese Nacho Tots

Domo Truck Nacho Tots
What is this? What are you showing me? This isn't photogenic! I don't want to eat this!

If you like savory flavors, and tater tots, and fishy Japanese foods, I recommend this: Domo Taco Truck's Japanese Nacho Tots.

Okay, editor's note: I ate these tots a while ago. I was running late for class, saw the truck, took a peek at the menu, got the nacho tots, checked out two men from the NYU intramural soccer team (I'll cheer for the Violets if it means checking out hotties), and then ate these in class. They were smelly and elicited many responses from my classmates. Thank heavens, it's food studies. I've seen a number of pictures of the Japanese nacho tots, and not all have the sweet brown sauce--that sauce is key to making the dish a win. Also vital are fresh hot tots and a generous hand with the bonito flakes (flakes of dried, smoked bonito fish). The flakes get everywhere and totally do their moving/breathing qualities (they're light as air and move with the slightest air movement.) I like the crema though I did wish it had a little kick to it--maybe a sriracha crema (can they even do that?).

Check out where the Domo Taco Truck is by checking their Tweetters @DomoTaco.

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