Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally Making It to Baked in Red Hook

Baked in Red Hook
A couple of years ago, I had to admit to Matt and Renato, the guys behind Baked, that while I'd had their treats at events, I'd never actually made it to their store. Why? Because it's in God's country, Brooklyn aka Red Hook. Over the weekend, while Brownie and Lawman-in-law were interviewing vendors at the Red Hook Ball Fields for the upcoming book, Lawman and I took a sleeping Little B on a walk. To Baked. Huzzah!

Baked in Red Hook
I knew that they had made olive oil bundt cake the day before and was hoping for a slice. Instead of a slice, they gave me the last hunk of cake. I can't say no to that. I've always been a fan of these frosting-less cakes--I love the crunchy exterior shell contrasted by moist cake. Not too sweet, and just right for mid-afternoon coffee treat. Besides that I *knew* I needed to finally try a Brookster aka a chocolate chip cookie baked on top of a brownie. Heaven. Chewy, moist, chocolate heaven. I'm glad they're in God's country now, one that involves a 40-minute bike ride. Any closer would be trouble for me.

Baked Brooklyn
359 Van Brunt Street
Red Hook
(718) 222-0345

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