Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Googa'd the Mooga

Brindle Room Burger
So Googa Mooga was this past weekend, in case you've been living under a rock or outside of New York City. I went on behalf of CBS and pretty much discussed everything I ate over there. But for those of you who don't like clicking, I'll tell you my top two favorites and the thing that every one was talking about (besides the Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken which I can get whenever I want at Brooklyn Bowl!)

Googa Mooga
Though I liked the Vinegar Hill House's Soft Shell Crab sandwich, my heart belonged to the Brindle Room cheeseburger. If their hope was to get some more people saying "Oh man! Can one of you assholes I call friends please come with me to eat at the Brindle Room so I don't have to eat another meal by myself at the bar?! (god, I need a good boyfriend who likes eating good food)," then I'd say mission accomplished. I was starving when I finally got to the stand and had to listen to the most moronic conversation in the history of Prospect Park (when I tweeted this out, I wasn't playing) for 45 minutes, but dudes, it was all forgiven when I took that first bite. I didn't even care that I got meat juice all over myself! It was just the most succulent, tasty burger ever. Look for me to make a visit in the very near future.

Katzie Guy-Hamilton's Dirt Cake
For dessert, my top honors went to Katzie Guy-Hamilton's Dirt Cake and not because she has one of the best names ever. The decadent milk chocolate pudding was topped with candied gummy orange peels, Oreo pieces, and mini chocolate malt balls. It was creamy and so much fun to eat. Plus, I'm a sucker for the whole "Look! Oreos as dirt!" bit.

Foie Gras Doughnuts
And yes, I had the foie gras doughnut from Do or Dine. I feel that I should have waited and had this at dinner sometime. The combination of the heaviness from the foie gras and it being the waking hours of my day held me back from getting into this. And it was $11! I felt so bad throwing out most of it! My few friends around me all passed on eating the majority of the doughnut and I thoroughly felt that I might ralph if I ate another bite after the first three. Le sigh.

For more photos of my two days at Googa Mooga--there's a pig head, a roasted cow, Hall & Oates, and other assorted pictures--watch the slideshow:


TT said...

i noticed that Brindle Room never had a line on Sunday. i guess everyone read my earlier review of their overhyped burger. haha

we had a great time.

people just need to get events like these EARLY!

Moniker said...

Mmmm, meat juice. I'll go to Brindle Room with you - anytime.

Goata said...

I wanted to try brindle room, but the line was nuts...Saturday sucked.

T.C. said...

I saw no line at Burger Joint on Sunday. They are def overhyped. Even more so than Brindle Room to me. Insane line was at Luke's Lobster.

The dirt cake was awesome!!
And my friend really enjoyed the coco mini paleta (ice pop) at La NewYorkina.

Foie gras donut was the first thing I inhaled and it did not slow me down...Blur Ribbon chicken wings and many other treats followed.