Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bent Spoon at New Amsterdam

The Bent Spoon
Ooooh, ice cream. Sweet, delicious, creamy ice cream. One of my most favorite vendors at New Amsterdam Market is The Bent Spoon and their perfect ice cream. It's enough to make me go to Princeton. But they're not always there!

The Bent Spoon
But fortunately for us, they are there this Sunday, and will hopefully be returning every first Sunday of the month through the season. Last month, I got to try their fresh mint nib, and ricotta. Both were a win all around.

(I was in a car for 12 hours yesterday. This is all I got, folks. Sorry. But you should all stop by the Market for The Bent Spoon this Sunday. It's totally worth it.)

New Amsterdam Market
Sundays, 11am-4pm
South Street & Peck Slip

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