Friday, May 25, 2012

Shhh, I Wore White Already This Season!

P&H Soda Co
Summer began about five minutes ago, and apparently the weather is supposedly turning in New York, leaving us with gorgeous mid-80s weather all weekend. Weeee! Yay! Splash! So what should you do on this fine weekend other than finally take advantage of Fleet Week as a single lady? Why, go to the beach, of course!

Rippers Cheeseburger
We hear that Rippers is finally open in Rockaway Beach---mmmm, cheese fries and burgers and Narragansett. Walk along the boardwalk for delicious eats or head a little in town for Rockaway Taco. See also: beach.

Denny's Banana & Pistachio
Or head to Coney Island, mmmm-Cyclone fun. And Denny's banana and pistachio soft serve. But mostly the Cyclone.

Or head out to the opening weekend of Governors Island for the 5 Boro Picnic--stopping to see the ships from OpSail first, of course. $25 gets you good beer, good eats, and good music. Tickets are still available, so click here.

Or you could just go get some hot dogs and have a BBQ on your roof. Whatevs. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend, folks! We'll be back bright-eyes and bushy-tailed Tuesday morning.

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