Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Treats Truck Stop is here at last!

Kim at the Treats Truck Stop 

Blondie and I have been following the Treats Truck for a LONG time. Don't believe me? Check out this archive of all the treats we've eaten from the truck. You might say we're a little obsessed. The Treats Truck lady, aka Kim Ima, is also pretty much the nicest person you'll ever meet, so we're absolutely thrilled that after 5 years of truckin', Kim now has a Treats Truck Stop to call her own...

 Treats ARE good 

The Treats Truck Stop, the brick and mortar outpost of the truck (fear not fans, Sugar is not coming off the road anytime soon) has been in the works for awhile now. The baking for the truck has been coming out of their gorgeous kitchen for sometime, but as with any food business in New York, there's a lot of paperwork to take care of to officially open the doors.

Treats Truck Lucky Cats 

When I found out that last Saturday was unofficial opening/Day 1, naturally I had to make a visit. And while I was there I got to meet Treats Truck royalty! 

 Kim's parents 

Kim's parents: Leslie and Kenji Ima had flown in from CA for the opening and they were there helping out, hanging out and taking lots of photos.

Kim Showing handmade Treats Truck tags 

 That's Leslie above capturing some tags that Kim used to hand make back in the earliest Treats Truck days. The store is charming and adorable. There's plenty of vintagey tables and chairs up front and more space in the back where there's a huge window to watch all the baking action. The garden will eventually be open, too. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate 

Right now they are just serving sweets and drinks (coffee, tea, Mexican hot chocolate, like the little shot above that Kim let us sample). But soon they will be rolling out savory dishes like grilled cheese and some breakfast items. I'm not-so-secretly most excited to try their decorate your own cookie plate that's in the works--you'll get a cookie, frosting and all the sprinkles to make it your own.

 Checking out the Treats Truck case 

One of my favorite things about the shop was the really tall bakery case. You don't normally see super tall cases at bakeries, so even taller grown ups still get the same feel as a kid looking at the treats eye-to-eye. Just a stone's throw from the Red Hook Ballfields (seriously, photographer extraordinaire, Donny Tsang spotted me in the window while coming back from getting his tamale fix), the shop is on a great stretch of Court Street (Buttermilk Channel and Court Street Grocers are just a couple blocks away). The shop has as great vibe to it. I meant to just drop by to congratulate Kim but I ended up staying and visiting with her folks and Donny and other people who were passing through--plenty of Kim's relatives and friends. I told Kim the place already has a Cheers vibe for the sweets set. I only wish I lived closer so I could hang out there more often. The official opening will be on Saturday and it sounds like Kim some fun things planned for the big day. On Saturday, May 12th the shop will be opened from 9am-9pm. But at 2pm, they’ll have a toast (with milk and cookies!) and a ribbon cutting!

Kim and her parents 2 

Alas, the shop will most likely be closed for the next couple of days possibly reopening on Thursday and Friday for some more unofficial practicing. Keep tabs on the shop's status and on events for the opening via twitter. Congratulations to Kim and the whole Treats Truck team! Can't wait to visit again soon!  

The Treats Truck Stop
521 Court St
Brooklyn, NY


Hungry said...

Congrats to Kim. She deserves it!

Brownie said...

@Hungry: Yes, indeed! So happy for Kim and it's the perfect space for her. It's really an inviting spot. I hope lots of people visit.

Leslie said...

Love your blog!

Larry/Patty said...

Can't wait to come.
But we'll have to fly cross-country. It is worth it.
Hooray Kim!!

Anonymous said...

We happened upon this wonderful little place on Thursday morning, a few days before the official opening.
What a Treat! Our 2yr old grandson started with an oatmeal raisin cookie then ate most of his grilled cheese and finished with a jar of milk. Poppa and Grandma made short work of our more adventurous grilled cheese with veggies and egg-salad sandwiches. The food was excellent and we all three loved watching the bakers at work.