Friday, May 11, 2012

Trying a Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll

The Claw Lobster Roll
Prior to knowing Brownie and the recent lobster roll influx, I'd never had lobster rolls. Sure, my mom went up to Maine frequently during my late teens and early 20s, but that was usually to escape us kids. Plus, I'd tried fresh lobster, dripping with warm, melted butter before and well, wasn't that impressed. I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Then Brownie and Luke's came into my life. Life altered.

Well, now. Now I've had my lobster roll education, but it's mostly been with Maine rolls. Brownie isn't fond of the Connecticut rolls, but I was always curious. I recently found myself at the only lobster shack in Chelsea, The Claw. It's all claw meat, all Connecticut-style. This way is more like lobster salad than what I'm used to, and there's scallions involved. And a hot dog bun. And that hot dog bun isn't full. And I found myself longing for Luke's. Though I do like cornichons. I hear there'll be another of these opening soon, and I do want to try some of the other things on the menu. Let us know if that lobster mac 'n cheese is a do or a don't.

The Claw
269 West 23rd Street
(212) 627-7700


Hungry said...

I thought a CT style lobster roll was hot.

Anonymous said...

CT style lobster rolls are served hot with butter....they should not resemble lobster salad.

Siobhan said...

Yes! The roll was warmed which I didn't really agree with. (Sorry for the delay--I'm just finally done with my research paper.)

Unknown said...

It's silly since this post is about a CT lobster roll, but your link to Luke's and the whoopie pie, made me go there on Friday after work, and my husband and I got the Noah's Ark (and whoopie pie, of course), and the meal was phenomenal--right down to the pickle.

Anonymous said...

CT style is hot w/ butter.
Maine/New Eng style is cold salad w/ mayo.
Both are good.