Monday, June 18, 2012

Sausage with Bacon. And Cheese

Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich
(this is not sausage with bacon or cheese, just so we're clear)
Would you believe me if I told you the bulk of my social interactions this weekend happened in The Brooklyn Kitchen, at Peter Pan, and Cup? Well, you should, because they were. A little ditty we like to call New York a la Cart has begun the editorial phase and we were frantically trying to get it together this weekend (in many ways, the manuscript and our shit.) I stopped by The Meat Hook on Saturday to speak with Tom Mylan--he kindly made sure we're giving out the right information when it comes to meat--and procure myself a sausage. Oh man, and it was a sausage with bacon!

A few things had to come together for this plate of goodness. First, I did do my Saturday morning routine of stopping by the McCarren Greenmarket to pick up beets, garlic scapes, and more milk for my coffee. Yes, I like turning my pee red, I can't help it. I knew the beets would be roasted while the greens would be sauteed up with julienned scapes--they get all nice and crunchy--but something else had to happen. With the Tom visit in mind, I had an all too normal thought lately, "eh, I'll just pick up sausage at The Meat Hook." I'm becoming a ridiculous sausage fiend, but one who can't let herself have more than one sausage on hand because very bad things can happen when I'm stress eating in the middle of the night. After the chat, I stepped up to the counter and saw Käsekrainer: Austrian smoked sausage with [something I can't remember], bacon and swiss cheese! Roasted that up for 15 minutes as my beets were cooling and I had needed sustenance.

Oh, and Peter Pan's doughnut ice cream sandwiches are back. I spotted dulce de leche ice cream. Full report post haste.

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