Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trying Artichoke, Again

Artichoke Pizza
Almost two months ago, Ben Leventhal wrote this blog post putting Artichoke Pizza on blast for general suckery. It opened up a needed conversation among us people who care about such things. I, for one, agreed with Leventhal's assessment--when Brownie and I tried Artichoke four years ago, I was underwhelmed with the slice and overwhelmed with the hype. The other day, I found myself passing by during a moment of no line (them) and sheer hunger (me). Maybe I was wrong? Maybe all those people I saw lined up during the evening were right? Eh, worst to worst, I was about to be out $4.

Artichoke Pizza
I went with the margarita slice because it's what I judge everyone against. Like a vanilla cupcake, if you can't do a good margarita slice, you need to start again. To some people's point, the toppings are wonderful: fresh basil, pecorino sprinkled on top, great sauce. But what kills the slice is the crust. Ben correctly compares it to water crackers, and thick crackers is all that came to mind with each crunchy bite. By the end of my slice, I kid you not, my jaw hurt. Pizza should not hurt. Pizza should make me happy.

Best Pizza Garlic Knots
When it comes to a "regular" NY slice, I'd much rather wait until I'm on the other side of the river and stop at Best Pizza. Plus their garlic knots are sublime, and they have indoor seating.

Artichoke Basille Pizza
328 East 14th Street
New York
(212) 228-2004

Best Pizza
33 Havemeyer St
(718) 599-2210

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