Monday, July 16, 2012

Get Milkmade *Without* The Subscription!

Milkmade Ice Cream
Some of you might know about Milkmade Ice Cream, a subscription-based ice cream delivery. You pay $50 for a pint of ice cream delivered to your door once a month for three months. Yes, it's expensive! But it's so good, like so soooooooo good. Apparently no one got the message that I would like this as a birthday gift, but luckily for me (and us!) for a limited time only, us regular peoples can get Milkmade on the regular.

Milkmade Ice Cream
If you haven't been to Story on 10th Avenue, I highly suggest stopping by. It's a boutique retail space with a regularly rotating theme, like a magazine. Each theme lasts for around two months; it was Love, then Color, and is currently New York. It's filled with little New York-related things, but not in a touristy way. The co-curator is Cool Hunting, so you know it's filled with cool stuff like travel goods from Flight 001, great jewelry pieces, and food including pints of Milkmade!

Milkmade Ice Cream
When I went last week, they had Rockaway Road and Rumble in Brighton. I sampled both, checked out Story (I might have bought these), and decided on which flavor to indulge with. Rumble in Brighton involves rum ice cream with chocolate babka pieces. #win It's $10 a pint, which is still really expensive, but cheaper than the regular service, plus it's gourmet, high-quality (limited edition) ice cream! This Story ends August 19th, so if you want to try a pint yourself, you better head on down there. I won't tell if you eat a whole pint by yourself in the middle of a hot afternoon, people-watching in the park.

144 10th Avenue
(212) 242-4853

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