Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lassi Pops from Monsieur Singh

When I was in college Union Square visits were all about the farmer’s market. These days with the gourmet food truck explosion, Union Square has become a hot spot for finding street food of all stripes.  Last week I noticed a taco truck, a grilled cheese truck, a raw food truck and several others. But what captured (and held) my attention was not a truck at all, but a simple little cart attached to a bicycle that was selling lassi bars…


Operating under the name Monsieur Singh, it turns out this was the lassi bar cart’s first day out in Union Square. The cart is an offshoot of Little Spice Bazaar in Mount Kisco which in turn is an offshoot of Little Kabab Station, also in Mount Kisco which counts former President Bill Clinton and Martha Stewart among their many fans. Martha said in a recent blog post, “On a recent visit to the Little Spice Bazaar, I was able to sample several flavors of this amazing lassi and I have to say that I was very impressed with each and every one. The tastes are so pleasing and unexpected.”


I’ll admit that it was the clever signage that lured me in. They’re playful assertion that “the lassi” is endorsed daily by a billion Indians is fun and funny. And I love their clean design and gorgeous use of type. If it was the aesthetics that drew me in, it was the lassi pop itself that will bring me back.

When I visited the cart they had just two flavors, Moussan Mango and Strawberry Blonde. I’m a huge mango lassi fan so naturally I had to give it a try. The lassi bar was nicely spiced and it wasn’t too sweet. For $2 I would definitely get it again. I shared mine with Little B and he proclaimed it to be both “tasty” and “yummy.” Word.

The gentleman who sold me the pop said that they would be debuting new bars soon. It seems like they are trying out new spots and neighborhoods, so it’s best to keep tabs on them via Twitter @monsieursingh or on Facebook.


Sasha Stedronsky said...

This looks amazing, I hope they make a banana flavor pop! Definitely going on a lassi pop hunt this weekend.

Monsieur Singh said...

Dear Blondie Brownie, thank you so much for the amazing story and a very generous review.

I really enjoyed the stories on your blog.

I will let you know about new flavours coming up

Monsieur Singh

Miss "B" said...

I happened upon one of the bicycle carts on 72nd St and Broadway last summer. I had a lemon honey bar. It was delicious. I was sorry I hadn't brought more to put in the freezer, and I never saw the cart again. I will be looking around Union Square this summer. Thanks for this info.