Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Philly Vendys Rocked (Part 1)

Philly Vendy Rainbow
This past weekend Lawman, Little B and I headed down to Philly to attend the 2nd Annual Vendy Awards. There was some sun. There was some rain. There was a rainbow. But most importantly there was a TON of AWESOME food...

I think I'm still in a food coma. I'm going to break down the winners and give you guys a bite-by-bite later this week. I have to say as a family I'm feeling pretty good about the fact that we totally called the winners. Starting with the People's Choice. 

BBQ pork grilled cheese from Vernalicious 
When the people spoke they shouted VERNALICIOUS. Why? Because owners Verna Swerdlow and David Jurkofsky rocked the house with their insanely, flavorful, tender, juicy, smokey, pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich.

Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese
Pork and cheese also found its way into the winner's circle via this year's Vendy Cup winners, THE SMOKE TRUCK. Their pulled pork topped mac & cheese paired with a homemade pickle, was a comfort food smash hit with the judges (and Little B who kept saying "moar, pasta!")

Little Pop Pops
For dessert it was impossible to resist the Dessert Vendy award winner, LIL' POP SHOP pops. How many did I have? A lady would never tell...but let's just say I worked my way through a fair portion of the seven flavors they had on dry ice (shoot...how did I miss one?!). Each pop from the Vietnamese Iced Coffee to the Goat Cheesecake with Wine Baked Figs was more delicious than the next. I'm an avowed, radical, militant cantaloupe hater and their Cantaloupe Rose pop may have briefly brought me over to the dark side.

Even rain couldn't soak the mega good vibes happening at the 2nd Annual Philly Vendy Awards. After all I ate and ate and ate, I am definitely looking forward to making a return trip to Philly soon to check out more of their mobile food scene.

More tastes of the event to come on Thursday!

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Vince said...

Woot, thanks for the great review & we're so glad you liked our pops!

Stop by our shop sometime and try out some of our 15 or so other flavors that we currently have! ;)

Vince T.
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