Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travels with Blondie: Hitting up DC & Baltimore

Shake Shack
I don't know about you guys, but I get excited when someone I know moves because it means visits! And a couch to sleep on. But mostly visits! Like when Big Bobo and my Scrabble-playin', bourbon-lovin' sister-in-law moved just south of DC last year, I thought it would mean dozens of weekend trips on my part visiting. But then, you know, life, in way. So I made up for it by visiting them extra long last week which included adventures to Baltimore and DC!

(yes, that's my bobo making the crab wave hello)
For the Fourth, the group of us headed up to Charm City for the day--I highly recommend heading there for this holiday, wasn't crowded at all--and once we got to the Inner Harbor, we were star-ving. Like any good tourist area, there are numerous chain restaurants, but since you're supposed to eat crab in Baltimore, we headed to the Phillips. There's an outside (non-fancy pants) deck perfect for crab-smashing and enjoying a few pitchers of Natty Boh. We *highly* enjoyed the crabs and shrimps here, as well as the sides though they were a bit too small for real assessment.

National Pastime Concrete
On my actual birthday, the trio of us lucked out with some choice seats at the Nationals game (thanks Bobo's friend with season tickets!) I made a beeline for Shake Shack to try The National Pasttime: vanilla custard swirled with chocolate toffee, chocolate sprinkles and malt. I loved every bit of it especially the chunks of toffee. They got the two hot dogs available and were not impressed, though the Frisky Fries (cheese fries with sauce-simmered onions; is this available at Citifield?!) were a winner.

Dangerously Delicious Pies
If you were paying any attention on Twitter, you would have seen me go "Gah! Pie truck in DC?!" only to realize it's a truck filled with pies from Dangerously Delicious Pies. Like the fan-freaking-tastic brother he is, Bobo and I headed into DC a little early to stop by the shop before catching my train. When I saw a wall full of flavors, my eyes got so big I ordered one to eat there and two for the road.

Dangerously Delicious Pies
This is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Chess--a slice each of Pancake Batter and the Baltimore Bomb were for later. They were just okay. The fillings were great, the crust left a lot to be desired--yes, even on the fresh warmed slice I had in the store. But what hurt most of all was the $6.50 per slice cost! !! ! That's like three subway rides. That's like a slice and a half with free fresh whipped cream from Four & Twenty! That's more than a mini pie from First Prize! Folks, that's a rip-off. At $6.50, I better want to have crazy monkey sex with your pie. Hours of crazy monkey swinging from chandeliers sexy times. I need to go have a slice of great pie to wash these three out of my system and cleanse my pie karma.


K said...

Oh man, if you were taking the train I think there is a DDP outpost IN Union Station now, you could've just stopped in there before heading home!

But I agree- the prices are pretty redonk.

Siobhan said...

I realized that as we were already on our way to the shop! It's a total pass. My brother did buy a pie to bring home & my sister said the pies she gets at the farmers market are better. Failblog.

Natasha McEachron said...

Those crabs and the custard look delicious. I visited DC in 2010 and loved the city, can't wait to go back for more crabs. I haven't had a chance to visit B-More as yet but it looks like a cool city with great seafood (which I live for). I live in NYC and I've heard great things about Shake Shack but haven't eaten there as yet, I might have to stop by soon if only just for the custard.