Monday, August 27, 2012

And We Have the Busy Times

Ice Cream Soda
For some unknown reason I thought life would slow down after we handed in our copy-edited manuscript last Tuesday. Ha. Ha. I somehow mentally blocked that I was starting my part of a massive research project on Manhattan's farmers markets bright and early Wednesday morning. The bad thing is I'll have barely any free time this week (sorry, friends). The good thing is I get to see old friends, make new friends, and buy all sorts of Greenmarket treats that I tote around town in my bike's basket. Like the ice cream soda I got at New Amsterdam yesterday!

At the end of five+ hours of data collecting yesterday, I saw the gorgeous face of Fany Gerson from La Newyorkina manning her stand at New Amsterdam. Her and I hadn't seen each other in ages, so I was excited to catch up and eat some paletas. But there were no paletas! Fany was selling her ice cream and sorbets, two things I'd never had. This is what I get for not hitting up New Amsterdam in the past couple of months. Fany suggested I have an ice cream soda, using the soda from P&H Soda right next door, to go with the tacos I was eying. This is like a triple win for a sweaty, tired lady I was at the time. I went with blackberry ice cream and hibiscus soda--so pretty, so tasty, so fruity. The ice cream is thick, creamy, and decadent; it was hard not to get a scoop on its own afterwards (I did not mentally block the cupcake waiting for me at home.)

New Amsterdam Market
100 Peck Slip
Open every Sunday 11am to 4pm

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