Friday, August 24, 2012

Pig Island Press Preview and BBQ Sauce Competition

So, I told you how I'm going to Pig Island (September 1st, baby!) and I bought Lawman-in-law a ticket as a birthday present. Last night I went to a press preview at Palo Santo and sampled some awesome sauces in anticipation of the big day...

Because the R train decided to randomly go express I missed the intro, but I did get to meet Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy's 43 and chat a little about pig butchering, New York state apple cider and Pig Island. Organizer and food events queen, Jackie Gordon aka the Diva who Ate NY put together a great blogger BBQ sauce competition. All of the sauces that were entered from a Black Cherry Chipotle to an Asian-inspired sauce with hoisin were very good. Very, very good. I wouldn't be sad to have any of them on my plate, but Justin Schwartz of Justcook NYC took the prize (and my vote) with his black plum & bourbon sauce. Sweet, savory, spicy and tangy, Justin's sauce was nicely balanced and tasted like you needed another serving. I hope he posts the recipe.

While you might not be able to get Justin's sauce, you can still get in on the 80 piggies they'll have at the event. Early bird tickets for all the booze and all the pigs are still on sale for $70 until Monday, 8/27 when the price jumps to $85. Keep tabs on Pig Island via twitter @ilikepig

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