Thursday, August 30, 2012

Travels with Brownie: Burrito Barn, Freeport, Maine

Burrito Bowl 
Freeport, Maine is a tourist town, plain and simple. Home to L. L. Bean, the real deal 24/7/365 L. L. Bean and the town attracts plenty of bargain shoppers for the outlets and the quaintness of this super walkable small town. I've been going to Maine every summer of my life since I was born and my family was among the earliest settlers in Maine back in the colonial days. I've seen plenty of restaurants come and go in Freeport. One I hope will stick around isn't actually a restaurant at all but rather a cart behind the Starbucks and behind and across from the Abercrombie and Fitch (aka the repurposed home of my childhood library). Known as the Burrito Barn, they're serving up some excellent Tex Mex for a decent price in an expensive town...

I'm not actually much of a burrito fan owing to the fact that I don't particularly fancy flour tortillas, but I was hungry and when I saw that they had burrito bowls--all that good filling without the doughy tortilla to tie you down--I had to give it a try. The citrus cider pork burrito bowl ($7) was awesome and filling. The pork was super slow cooked and wicked tender. While Lawman doesn't mind sweet mixed with savory in desserts, he's not a fan in main courses. That said, even he attested to how good the pork filling was. The sweetness of the citrus didn't overwhelm the meat in the slightest. The bowl came with brown rice, beans, meat, veggies, cheese and for an extra $1 you could get a scoop of guac. Elsewhere in the country $8 for a burrito bowl might be a little steep, but in Freeport, I assure you this is a terrific deal. There's lots of pricey, mediocre food in town. Skip all those joints papering the town with menus and head down Nathan Nye Street behind the Starbucks for a tasty deal.

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Paul Wynn said...

That must be a low carb buritto bowl.. either way.. lucky you! Yummy!