Thursday, September 27, 2012

Travels with Brownie: Dos Chinos Truck

Garlic Fries with Cotija Cheese 

Last weekend I had the chance to visit CA for the first time in more than two decades. I’ve heard some awesome things about the food truck scene on the left coast and it’s no secret that I love food trucks (did you hear Blondie and I are writing a book about them?). Naturally I had to scope things out for myself and I wasn’t disappointed…

What a wonderful world we live in that I can just google Brea + food trucks and come up with a truck just 5 minutes from my hotel. Apparently Dos Chinos, an Asian-Mexican fusion truck, parked near where I was staying on Friday. Score! Previewing their menu online, I knew that I HAD to get the garlic fries with cotija cheese. And they were certifiably AWESOME. These were the hands down best garlic fries I've ever had it my life. They were super garlicky. Super crispy. And the cotija adds just the right touch of saltiness.

The tacos were great, too. Korean tacos have made some serious inroads in the NYC food truck scene, but these tacos were a pan-Asian sort of fusion. I chose the BOLSA ROAST PORK, a Vietnamese roast pork belly and the HOLLYWOOD CHICKEN, a thai coconut curry chicken. Really unique combos. They weren't anything that I would imagine on a taco, but the flavors worked. Delicious!

If you're in the OC, seek out Dos Chinos and please, please(!) get some garlic fries for me.

Follow them @doschinos.

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Unknown said...

What are the odds that I get to have spot a food truck from truck auctions in Perth? I'm planning to sell burritos-on-a-wheel and these ideas seem great, too!