Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trying out the Hot Mess

Hot Mess
Fort Reno BBQ opened in Park Slope months ago, and my visiting ended up being side-tracked by the book, school, repeat visits to Talde, you know, life. But the other day I made of point of going. I wanted to find out what this Hot Mess was all about.

The Hot Mess is their entree item that comes as a meal in a jar. Literally a mason jar full of layers of their sides and meat. The top layer being cauliflower and pickled vegetables, then coleslaw, pork, corn bread, and finally mac and cheese. Bonus: reading the first few pages of Wetlands after eating these cauliflowers. Is the dish novel? Yes. Is it so awesome I'd get it again instead of a sandwich and a side? No. With so many things crammed into a jar, I found myself wanting more since each was simply a sample taste. On the other hand, my pulled pork sandwich allowed me to have my fill of tender porcine goodness on buttered Texas toast. What I did walk away knowing is that their mac and cheese is creamy and delicious, like white cheddar Velvetta and shells. Don't hate! Totally getting that as a side next time.

Fort Reno BBQ
669 Union Street
Park Slope
(347) 227-7777

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