Monday, September 24, 2012

Eating Robicelli's Cupcakes at Brooklyn Local

Robicelli's Cupcakes
I haven't been able to do my regular Saturday morning run and farmers market routine for over a month now. It's been throwing me off, causing all sorts of unease and confusion. This past Saturday, my routine was able to return--complete with $2 monster bunches of kale--except everything had to be rushed for a noon time yoga session in Brooklyn Bridge Park. But as soon as I biked over, I was starved! And all I could think about while I desperately tried to focus on my chakras was cupcakes. Namely the Robicelli's cupcakes that were just over the hill behind me.

Robicelli's Cupcakes
I tried to make it to the end of om-ing, but I lacked the willpower to power through. At least I didn't go all gangnam style walking out during the cat/cow! I quickly ducked into the Brooklyn Local, picked up a hot dog from Brooklyn Cured, chatted with our new best friend, Zack from Kelvin Slush, and then headed over to the Robicelli's booth. I'd seen Allison instagramming ingredients for some super-secret limited edition cupcake: the Krumkake aka cardamom scented cake topped with Bavarian buttercream, lingonberry jam, and Krumkake pieces! Color me Brooklyn Norwegian! I firmly believe lingonberries are underutilized, so I instantly loved this cupcake. I didn't taste much of the cardamom, but then again, I was focused on the berries. I'm not so secretly hoping they bake these again, maybe as a Thanksgiving special? Enough of the boring, uninspired pumpkin and/or apple treats.

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