Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekend Tripping to The Water Club at the Borgata

Geoffrey Zakarian Room Service
As your prototypical girl from Queens, I've spent many nights in Atlantic City. Sometimes with my parents or family friends, sometimes with the unsavory characters that have graced my life. Often times booze was involved. I know the Borgata well. But their newer (to me) hotel, The Water Club, that was fancy. I'd never been there. So when offered to stay there for three days, I said yes. It's been a long summer. There were promises of a massage, room service, and copious amounts of food!

Tomatos, Mozzarella, and Burrata
One of the Borgata's selling points is the food. They have restaurants from Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, and Micheal Mina, as well as an Old Homestead. Our visit was to include a dinner at Fornelleto, their casual Italian place headed up by Le Cirque alum Stephen Kalt. It was a multiple course meal where we tasted a better portion of their menu. One of the highlights was sliced heirloom tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella and burrata. Simple, delicious, and perfect for a late summer meal.

Fennel Salad
Another highlight, for me at least, a person who's intake of vegetables has severely decreased during the height of vegetable season, was their Fennel, Endive, and Red Onion Salad. I don't usually eat fancy vegetables like fennel or endives, so imagine my surprise when I began going after seconds. And thirds.

Dark Chocolate Budino
I filled up too much on the savory courses that I broke my own personal rule of "leave room for dessert." I struggled to eat a bit off each plate: apple crostata, panna cotta with goat cheese gelato, a corn gelato with sweet corn foam, and this dark chocolate budino. Budino is simply Italian for pudding, and this was as creamy and silky as panna cotta. Of course the addition of Nutella, a hazelnut butter crunch, and mascarpone cream didn't hurt.

Indoor Pool
That first night, there was a good amount of boozing, so the next morning a bit of room service and a breakfast buffet were in order. Then the massage--why has no one told me about the wonderfulness that is a full body massage?! Then pooling. The place is filled with five pools, inside and out. One of my personal favorite things to do is visiting AC in the dead of winter, when you can hang in an airy heated pool area while the cold winds howl outside.

Herb-Poached Loup de Mer
Dinner on the second night was at Michael Mina's place, Seablue. It's a seafood-based restaurant, fitting for an ocean-side city. Our meal consisted of lobster with American caviar followed by a perfectly cooked Moroccan Octopus Tagine. Few things in my life are as enjoyable as meaty octopus. The third course was Herb-Poached Loup de Mer with a zucchini pistou. And I remembered why I don't make fish at home. It's never this good, ever.

Geoffrey Zakarian Room Service
Our final morning there was greeted with two wicked hangovers. Ding, ding, room service. A cart full of food was in our room within 30 minutes--french toast, eggs, bacon, juices, a beautifully large pot of coffee. Room service is one of the best things ever. Also, the chef behind The Water Club's room service menu is Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. It had the typical room service flaw of everything's a bit lukewarm, but we didn't care. It was all delicious.

This wasn't all I ate that weekend (I told you copious amounts, folks, copious!):

For more information on The Borgata, click here.

*FCC Disclosure: This entire trip was paid for by The Borgata and/or Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations. Other than the food, room, massage, and transportation, I received no compensation. My views and opinions here are my own.*


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