Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bismarck Doughnuts


For my ongoing classic American desserts column at Serious Eats, I've been hunting down favorite regional and retro recipes. I have Bismarck Doughnuts in my sights, but I could use your help. Have you ever had a Bismarck? And if so, can you share you impressions?

I've seen your standard jelly round jelly-filled doughnuts called Bismarcks, but in my experience as a New England girl the Bismarcks I've know and loved have been more bar-like then filled with a strip of jelly and topped with a creamy frosting like these bad boys found at West's Bakery in Rhode Island. Have you ever had one of these sorts of Bismarcks? I'm trying to get the texture right for the doughnut--in my memory it was slightly dense but chewy. Have you had one? If so, where? And what was it like?

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