Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let's Debate Red Velvet Cake Trends

Red Velvet Cake Debate
Last year, Nichelle Stephens of Cupcakes Take the Cake and a ton of other projects pulled a whole bunch of food people together to debate red velvet cake. I wished I could go, but couldn't. And now this year, I GET TO DEBATE! Bez is going to be so happy she sharpened my debate skills the other night in Jimmy's No. 43.

Mmm.  Red Velvet
Next Friday, the 2nd (sidenote: holy shit, it's going to be November next week) I'm going to debate trends in red velvet madness with Amy DeGiulio of Sugar Flower Cake Shop and Gary Reloj of OMGFoodie. I'm going to do research and bring note cards and eat red velvet doughnuts in preparation. Oooooh, maybe I'll even bring some fresh red velvet doughnuts!

The debate will be at New Work City (412 Broadway) from 7pm to 9pm. Tickets are less than $12! And you'll at least get a free doughnut and the chance to meet me! Buy your tickets here.

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