Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Talde Makes a Tasty but Spendy Brunch

Talde Brunch: Pancakes 
Blondie loves Talde. Her post made me want to try Talde, but you know, life, book etc kind of got in my way. A couple of weekends ago, Lawman, Lawman-in-law and Little B and I finally hit Talde. If there's a phrase that gets me going on a Sunday it's dim sum brunch...

Talde Brunch: Tater Tots

The waitress explains that all the dishes are meant for sharing, so order a bunch and split them up. While some items on the menu like the spareribs and the awesome tater tots with sriracha ketchup are easily divisible. Other dishes like the corn pancakes or the Korean fried chicken with waffles were a bit less so. Where there's a will, however, there's a way.

Talde Brunch: Spareribs
The spareribs ($10) were FANTASTIC. Such slow smoked goodness. I could seriously eat an order of these myself. But there wasn't enough to make a meal there alone (and come on, I love me some pork shoulder, but seriously, 6 pork shoulder "ribs" for $10--it's pork shoulder!).

The corn pancakes ($12) with Edwards Surryano h.a.m. were a better bet in terms of value. You still might be hungry after them, but not overly so. Plus sweet corn pancakes with browned butter syrup and cured ham is goooooood.

Likewise the Korean fried chicken & waffles ($14) are a good bet for those with a larger appetite. Lawman and Lawman-in-law were disappointed that the wings were more like Korean-inspired hot wings rather than that crispy crunchy friend tastiness we're used to getting in K-Town.

The flavors are complex and undeniably good, but you could easily run up a serious tab on sharing plates. If you're watching your wallet, I'd suggest going in a large group so you can have just a taste without getting stuck with a big bill.

369 7th Avenue
Park Slope
(347) 916-0031

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