Friday, November 30, 2012

Eating Out for Thanksgiving

Pastrami on Rye
While Brownie and fam catered Thanksgiving, my best friend and I decided to treat our families to a Thanksgiving out. And being true New Yorkers, we went to Katz's. It's been a rough year; we were all just thankful to have each other. And I wanted pastrami.

Chicken Noodle Soup
Amazingly, Katz's wasn't that packed during the late afternoon. We easily got a full table to seat all ten of us. Though Katz's did have a Thanksgiving all-you-can-eat going on, we went straight off the regular menu. I made Momsie get some soup since it was cold out and she's gotten too thin. Stan got way too much to eat and being to her side, I ended up eating most of her knish.

Beef Stew
And did you know you can get a full plate of good looking beef stew at Katz's?! They made this fresh for Bobba.

Thanksgiving Dessert
Somehow, between ten people, we expected to eat three pies, a dozen doughnuts, and cookies. This happens at everyone's Thanksgiving, right? My friends were incredibly happy when I showed up to watch football with leftover doughnuts and pie. They were not getting the 1/4 of my sandwich that was leftover. No way!

Katz's Deli
205 Houston Street
(212) 254-2246

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mac 'n' Cheese *AND* Cookies

Mac n Cheese Off.jpg-large
It's the holidays. Let's all eat until we burst and get fat (but I'm totally on the "stressed out about final papers" and "bitches, I'm going to Mexico" combo diet plan) BUT you guys should all totally go eat macaroni and cheeses this Sunday *AND* then cookies in two weeks. File it under "Charitable Activities" on your taxes. Over the past few weeks, I've been discussing the relief efforts with various sources and I have to say I'm incredibly impressed by Occupy Sandy. You support them and stuff your face: win for everybody.

Then December 16th, Matt Timms is having bakers throw down with the Cookie Takedown. As usual, it's happening in Gowanus' Bell House. There's going to be free Bulleit-spiked egg nog and beers for sale, and cookies! You can eat all the cookies!!! Tickets are $15, buy them here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eli's Pizza Makes a Mean Calzone

Eli's Calzone Close up 

I've blogged before about Eli's in Hamden, CT and how they are making some seriously legit New Haven-style pizza (without the wait of the Big Three). Well, as of last weekend I can confirm that they also make a mean calzone...

Eli's Cheese Calzone

I haven't had a good calzone (or really any calzone) in ages. Whenever we go for pizza, Lawman & co want pizza not calzones, but on Saturday night I prevailed. While Eli's has an extensive menu of toppings (or fillings, rather) for their calzones, I went for the traditional cheese. A word to the wise...the large calzone is ENORMOUS! It's basically a large pizza worth of dough that they then stuff with copious amounts of cheese. It's insane, especially if you also order a large pizza and a salad...

With a plain cheese calzone it's all about that gooey, cheese filling and Eli's delivers. With each cut, the calzone oozed out more cheesy-goodness. Really how could you go wrong with mozzarella, ricotta and Pecorino Romano? And their chunky marinara sauce was great, too. Light and bright it was the perfect accompaniment to the calzone. If you run low on sauce be sure to ask for extra--they happily obliged us with a refill and our waitress even offered some extra sauce to-go when she packed up our remaining half calzone for the road.

Eli's Greek Salad
I also highly recommend their Greek Salad ($9), also enormous and perfect for sharing with a crowd this was chalk full of feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pepperoncini peppers and provided a nice bit of greenery for an otherwise cheesetacular meal.

Eli's! I'll be back soon.

Eli's Brick Oven Pizza
2402 Whitney Avenue
Hamden, Connecticut 06518

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shopsin's Favorites vs Trying Something New

Shopsin's Crisp Hash with eggs 
With a menu as extensive as Shopsin's, there is a strong pull to try something different each time--everything sounds so freaking good. But then there's the comfort's a tough call. When you go to your favorite spot to eat do you stick with your tried and true? Or do you branch out an try something new each time?

Lawman and I have been going to Shopsin's for nearly a decade (wow). We used to go most Sundays after Mass, alas, moving further out in Brooklyn and having a little guy has made it harder and harder to coordinate regular brunch visits. A couple weekends ago Lawman-in-law had been craving a Shopsin's visit himself so we all headed in for brunch.

For years (and I'm not even kidding about the years part) I was strictly a Piaf girl--scrambled eggs, fried onions, gruyere sauce, multi-grain toast. Fortunately I always had at least one or two dining companions who would let me taste their brunch. I finally branched out into the various Petes and Blisters and of course pancakes. This time around Lawman and Lawman-in-law went with the tried and true, an Indian Blisters on My Sisters and a Santana Pete, respectively, while I was the one that stepped out of the box and ordered the Eggs with Crisp Hash and toast ($18).

Don't be fooled by the picture above, there's about a pound of crispy and delicious hash under the eggs and toast. It was an enormous plate. Thankfully I had Little B giving me a hand otherwise it would have been an embarrassing showing--I just can't eat as much as I used to in my college days (hangs head). While the hash was great, I think I showed my true colors by scarfing down a fair amount of Lawman's Blisters...when it's been a long time between visits, I've got to satisfy those old cravings for the familiar (and make sure the next visit to try something new happens soon thereafter!)

Essex Street Market
120 Essex Street
New York, NY 10002

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: I'll Have Mine to Go!

Branccacio's Thanksgiving 
Don't get me wrong; I love cooking the big Thanksgiving Day meal. I love trying to time everything and share space in a small kitchen a lot less, but putting an epic meal on the tabled that you've lovingly prepared and overseen every last detail is special.'s been a long year. And I'm tired. So when I saw that my favorite local prepared foods shop, Brancaccio's was taking orders for a complete Thanksgiving for 6, I got on that pre-order list stat and I'm so glad I did...

Here's what we got for $160:
10-13 lb Turkey with Aromatics
Focaccia Bread Stuffing 1 lb
Cornbread, Sausage & Pistachio Stuffing 1 lb
Bourbon Bacon Turkey Gravy 1 quart
Cranberry Sauce 1 pint
String Beans 2 lbs
Maple Glazed Roasted Sweet Potatoes 2 lbs
Roasted Root Vegetable Soup 2 quarts
Horseradish Mashed Potatoes 2 lbs
1 dozen Caputo Bakery Dinner Rolls
Apple Pie (you could have chosen a pumpkin pie, instead)

The dinner was awesome. Simply awesome. Nice tender and moist turkey. Killer gravy. The horseradish mashed potatoes were actually the first to go, and I'm definitely going to consider making them with horseradish on a regular basis. My family generally doesn't go for sweet potatoes (in any form) and second servings were taken. All in all, we couldn't have been more pleased. My mom is threatening to never make Thanksgiving again. I don't know if I'd go that far, but having dined out for Thanksgiving several times as a kid, if you're into the traditional bird & sides I can say having the whole shebang catered (and catered well) is great. Not just for the food but also the leftovers which we're still working on.

Hope you all had happy and restful Thanksgivings!

Brancaccio’s Food Shop
3011 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
Between East 2nd & 3rd Streets
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 435-1997

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Black Friday! Shop local!

Robicelli's Cupcakes
Thanksgiving 2012 is in the books and perhaps today you've already turned your thoughts to shopping for those other upcoming holidays. With so many businesses still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy, I implore you to consider shopping local this holiday season and there's a GREAT new site to help you do that...

Made in NYC showcases New York made businesses and if an awesome spot to start making your holiday list. When you spend money locally it helps that money stay local helping keep local businesses afloat (and hopefully thriving). During the hurricane businesses lost, inventory, supplies, and work days in the critical fourth quarter. These last few weeks of 2012 could be the difference between a good year and a bad year for many. Small, local businesses employ many and keep our economy diverse, not to mention they make AWESOME products? Have you had a cupcake or brownie from Robicelli's or
a macaroon from Danny Macaroons? There are so many tasty treats from small batch hot sauces and jams to cookies, chocolates, breads and artisanal sodas (not to mention jewelry, accessories and clothing) on the site. I'm going to challenge myself to stay local with my holiday list and I hope to encourage friends and family to do the same (and, you! dear readers) your community needs you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sugar & Plumm Brings It With Desserts

Jack Tripper
Tomorrow's the big day. I hope you all have your birds, your pies, your cranberry sauces, and your game plan ready. I will be wishing the best for all. For those of you in New York looking for a little Thanksgiving Eve fun and hoping to head up to watch the balloons inflate (personally, this is *much* better than watching the parade), I have the best place for you to stop by for a sweet treat.

Earthquake in a Fishbowl
Sugar & Plumm does have a savory menu, but once you're inside the store, you'll forget it exists. There's multiple counters at the ready with treats plus a wall of candy to the back. Or snag a table and check out the dessert menu. It holds something wonderful and fun: Earthquake in a Fishbowl. Three different flavors of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and salted caramel) surrounded by slices from various cakes. It's way too much for just one to eat. It's probably even too much for a family of four to share. But it's decedent and fun and the perfect treat when your with a group that can't make up its mind (and doesn't mind sharing a few germs.)

Cake in a Jar
Now this is something that's not actually on the menu anymore, but how can I not share Cake in a Jar? I love things that comes in jars, this one involved lemon curd, vanilla cake and lemon shortbread. And berries, of course. If that's not your style, I highly recommend the Jacktripper sundae. It's got butterscotch, chocolate sauce, crushed peanuts, and brownie and blondie bits. I'm a sucker for a good sundae and with a list like the one they have, I'm pretty sure a repeat visit is in order.

Sugar & Plumm
377 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 787-8778


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things To Make On Thursday

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Oh Thanksgiving, you loveliest of holidays, how you make me so happy! This year, I get Thanksgiving Eve with friends (we refuse to call it the F word) and the actual day swapping out turkey for pastrami at Katz's (two separate family situations almost cancelled the holiday all together). For the friends dinner, I've volunteered to bring Brussels Sprouts, so I've been experimenting with different roastings. And I've found one I *love*: Honey-Roasted Brussels Sprouts! You can do it too!

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts
I had about a half stalk of sprouts, maybe 1/2 pound of Brussels, cleaned them up, chopped them in half, and preheated the oven to 400F. Meanwhile, I whisked two tablespoons of a delicious rich honey (I used the Bees Need's July honey) with three tablespoons of olive oil. Toss the sprouts with this--I could have coated a little bit more with what I had and this coating was a bit on the sweet side, you could lower the honey or up the amount of sprouts. Now, you'll want to line the sheet pan, just trust me! I used foil, made sure the sprouts were cut side down, and popped it in the oven for 15 minutes before I started checking it every 3-5 minutes until they got to the level of roasting I like.

Baked's Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns
And if you're looking for a delicious breakfast treat to feed the kiddies while they go bananas over the parade, might I suggest the Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls! I made another batch of these during the hurricane just for fun! Be sure to make sure you warm up the cream cheese for the frosting to avoid chunkiness.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Travels with Brownie: Crepes y Waffles

Frutas del bosque waffle

We just got back from a quick trip to Colombia for a family wedding. It was my third trip there and my first time at Crepes & Waffles. Both crepes and waffles were consumed...…

Let's back up for a minute. Crepes & Waffles is a local chain that specializes in its namesake products and has a huge location in El Dorado international airport in Bogota. Lawman has regaled me with stories of visits from his childhood on trips to and from visiting family and on every visit, I've looked longingly in the direction of the restaurant as we rushed to our gate. Last time on our red eye we tarried too long getting through security and got there just as the grate was getting closed, but this time, this time we checked in with PLENTY of time to spare so we got to check out the brand new location in the just opened brand new international terminal at El Dorado.

crepes remini
Tia recommended the crepes stroganoff which Lawman nabbed and I went for the crepes Remini which came with goat cheese, ample, warm delicious goat chese in a crispy crepe with tomatoes and a salad. Soo good.
  crepes stroganoff
Lawman was also pleased with his stroganoff which had plenty of tender mushrooms and beef pieces. It definitely was a heartier lunch and a good option if you have a long flight home.

For the dessert we could no longer ignore the waffle side of the menu and ordered the Frutas del Bosque waffle. Tia had recommended the frutas del bosque frozen yogurt which is what we thought came on the Frutas del Bosque waffle, but it was actually covered with chopped fresh fruit then topped with vanilla ice cream and fresh cream. No matter. It was still awesome.

If you find yourself with a layover in Bogota, check out Crepes & Waffles for either a meal or dessert. I'll definitely be back.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's The Last Weekend of Smorgasburg!!

Dough's Hibiscus Doughnut
It seems like forever and ever and many hours of working ago, I met my bestie and incredibly famous influential blogger, Donny Tsang, for a day of eating at Smorgasburg. It ended up being one of the only weekends I managed to make it, though the market is only a short ten minute walk from my apartment. AND OH GOD, IT'S GOING TO GET COLD SOON AND SUMMER'S OVER AND I'VE MISSED EVERY SMORGASBURG FOR MONTHS AND NOW IT'S THE LAST WEEKEND!

Classic Fish Sandwich
Since many of the Smorgasburg vendors have had a rough go of it the last month, I implore you to go! You can eat doughnuts! You can eat fish sandwiches! You can eat salt water taffy! I hear there's even a BAR now! Nothing says gearing up for winter like getting wasted on a Saturday afternoon. And if we're lucky (and by lucky, I mean lottery-winning lucky) you might even see me show up, a little dazed from my morning research and feeling the pressure of papers that need to be written. But you should go!

Smorgasburg is located at the end of North 6th Street at the East River.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Want to Eat All The Brick Chickens!

Brick Chicken
After Sandy, I couldn't really go far from my neighborhood. This meant finally trying out a few spots I'd been meaning to get to, like Potlikker in South Williamsburg. The restaurant comes from Liza Queen, of the former Queen's Hideaway, a place I'd never made it to. It's Southern-inspired and I had heard about their brick chicken.

Brick chicken literally involves cooking a chicken under a brick which, when done right, makes the skin extra crispy and the meat succulent and juicy. And it is done *right* at Potlikker. The two breasts are perfectly cooked and you will find yourself eating both, savoring every crispy bite of skin along the way. Right now, the chicken comes atop German potato salad, that would have been great if I loved mustard. Now, I just have to find the time get back to try their Dutch pancakes!

338 Bedford Avenue
(718) 388-9808

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Most Cheese-tacular Bread of My Life

Cheese bread
Once upon a time when my Great Aunt Ida was among us she loved to go on luncheon outings. Her favorite haunts: Red Lobster and this other seafood restaurant in her town. Cheesy biscuits were always consumed and I have a hard time thinking about cheese breads without thinking of her. A few weeks back for my father-in-law’s birthday my mother in law made a fantastic cheese stuffed bread from her childhood that’s perhaps that most cheese-tacular (or cheese-tastic, if you prefer) bread I’ve ever had in my life. I think Aunt Ida would most definitely approve…

You start by taking a round bread, making holes throughout the top then soaking it in cream. Yes, soaking it in CREAM! You spoon the cream that collects in the bottom of the dish back in every once in a while over the coarse of a couple hours until it’s nice and saturated. Then you fill the holes with Emmental cheese. You grate some additional cheese on top then bake at 350 until the top is golden and the cheese is melty. This bread was GLORIOUS. I can only imagine taking the leftovers and making cheesy bread French toast the next morning (alas, I didn’t get up early enough to share in the leftovers so I’ll have to make this myself one of these days when company is coming. Have you ever had a cheesy bread like this one? If not, what’s your favorite cheesy bread form?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Travels with Brownie: Fried Avocado Tacos from Seabirds Truck in Orange County

Fried Avocado Tacos
Besides visiting the Dos Chinos truck on my recipe trip to Orange County I also had a chance to check out Seabirds Truck, a popular local vegan truck where I tried their beer-battered avocado tacos. Fried avocados? Why not?

The thick avocado slices were very lightly battered with a slightly crisp exterior. and so, so very good. The tacos were piled high with a crunchy ‘slaw and topped with a creamy but not too spicy jalapeƱo-cilantro sauce. Filling and satisfying.

Seabirds truck menu

If I hadn’t already placed a monster order with Dos Chinos I surely would have been back for more because their menu looked super awesome--very curious about the BBQ Jackfruit Quesadilla.

Seabirds Truck
If you’re in the OC and looking for nourishing organic vegan food check Seabirds out on twitter @SeabirdsTruck.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Travels with Blondie: Poutine Off a Truck in Seattle

Burger & Poutine
Immediately, like literally 12 hours, after I returned from the East End, I had to hop onto a plane for the Emerald City. Having never been and it being the second shortest trip ever, I had to rely on friends to give me a short list of places to hit up. And when one of them said "Poutine, off a truck," it was a win.

Lunar Orbiter
I was there on a press trip--our first night involved a dinner at the top of the Space Needle. I couldn't orient myself for anything, so other than "Oh, look downtown." I had no idea where anything was. And yes, they did give us the Lunar Orbiter aka the best use of dry ice in a dessert.

Apple Dumpling
Of the meals I went to on my own, yes, that poutine from the Skillet truck was fantastic. Evidently, Seattle has *quite* the food truck scene, enough so that I think another trip is warranted next year. Skillet also has counter and a diner, both of which I would like to visit on their own. Another stop on the whirlwind was Dahlia Bakery. I went with another member of the trip and we bought the place out. Everything was above average, but both of us were thoroughly impressed with their apple dumpling. Flaky butter crust containing a perfectly baked half of an apple stuffed with fig jam. It's like fall and Thanksgiving and childhood and sweet memories of apple orchards and warm pie all in one.

The Pine Box
When it comes to heading out for the night, I didn't have much time to explore the city. I had heard Capitol Hill is the place to go for the young folk, and for the few hours I was there, it certainly was. One of the PR people sent two of us to The Pine Box, the site of a former funeral home and then nightclub. Now, it's a beer bar/pub, it felt like Ginger Man, but in a massive, airy space. The beer selection was fantastic for anyone wishing to try local brews--the bartender had to run through the entire list for me because I only knew three or four. And the best part was it wasn't sceney, just laid back, good times. I highly recommend.


Dahlia Bakery
2001 Fourth Avenue
(206) 682-4142

The Pine Box
1600 Melrose Avenue
(206) 588-0375

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NYC Wine and Food Festival Sandwich Showdown Recap at Last

I'm thanks to book related work and the hurricane, I'm a bit behind on my regularly scheduled posting, but trying to catch up! Our thoughts remain with the victims of the hurricane from the small businesses and workers who had their livelihoods put on hold to those who have lost their homes and much, much more. If you're looking for ways to help, follow Allison Robicelli on Twitter @robicellis. She's been doing amazing work coordinating feet on the ground delivering sandwiches, food, clothes, toiletries and clean up supplies as well as other items and getting them in real people's hands in areas in Staten Island and South Brooklyn.

Lil Bobo once again was a special correspondent for us at this year's NYC Wine & Food Festival Sandwich Showdown. His invite and ticket came courtesy of the Cranberry Marketing Board who were one of the events sponsors and he was there to catch all of the sandwich action. Take it away Lil Bobo

The sandwich is truly a wonderful thing. To me, it represents variety; a sandwich offers endless opportunity and combinations. Bread + Filling + Bread = Happiness. It is a form of food embracing food. Is there anything more beautiful?

Have you ever witnessed a sad person consuming a sandwich? No, you haven't. Because a sad person eating a sandwich is an oxymoron. They might appear sad, but no one can be truly sad if they are eating a sandwich.

And on October 14th, I didn't meet a single sad person, nor sandwich, at the Sandwich Showdown.

I hadn't been at the event for more than one minute, before a beautiful woman with a tray of sandwiches confronted me. It was sight of meta-beauty; and my eyes were transfixed on the patty-melt before me. I heard a voice say, "can I interest you in a Kobe Beef Patty Melt?" I responded, "uhh… YES!?!"

Madam, you had me at patty melt, and this was only the beginning of sandwich insanity. (Now, it's a bit hazy from all that sandwich consumption, but I think I revisited Marble Lane's table at least two more times. Someone had to eat that Kobe Beef Patty.) The eating continued and here were some of my favorites:

Xe May's "Lam'bretta." Lamb? Delicious. Lamb curry? Even more delicious. A lamb curry sandwich? Keep it up and you'll cause an aneurism from too much deliciousness. Xe May kept it up… but I'm not complaining, it was easily a favorite of mine.

The proclaimed Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro, made a sandwich that dwarfed every other sandwich at this showdown. Showing off? Maybe, but I suppose a King can't be shown up. Large and in charge it was for "The King's Brisket." I only ate half of it, as I was starting to hit the wall and needed to reserve room for more food.

Home By The Range provided a sandwich that had an interesting combination of flavors. The brisket was bold, but it was complimented by flavors both savory and lightly sweet with roasted vegetables and pickled cabbage.

Another sandwich that really that stood out was Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter's Crispy Pork and Cranberry Biscuit, with Tomato Pudding. Sweet, salty, porky, biscuity goodness. I'm a sucker for a good biscuit, and I was much obliged to eat two of them.

In the end, there can only be one. The voters chose Marble Lane's Kobe Beef Patty Melt for the win. Manuel Trevino & co. of Marble Lane won the title, $5,000 towards a charity of their choosing, and the right to create a sandwich to be exclusively featured at Whole Foods Markets in New York City.

Special thanks to the Cranberry Marketing board for the ticket to the showdown, they were not serving any of the food though they did provide cranberries to some of the restaurants for use in their sandwiches. Coming from New England where cranberries made regular appearances in our homemade lunches from mom in the form of Ocean Spray juice boxes sometimes accompanied by Cranberry Newton cookies, we say the more cranberries the merrier.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time To Go Drankin'

So, we were hit by a hurricane. Like I said Tuesday, me and mine are fine, though I haven't left the confines of Greenpoint. Today, I get to go back to school and resume my Greenmarket research feeling generally lucky as my only major concern being how I'm getting home without the L or G. But now it's time to help those who need it. Here are a bunch of places you should stop by for a meal and/or a drink in the coming weeks, especially if you're coming into town for holiday festivities:

Clinton St Pancakes
For Eats:
120 Essex St, in the Essex St Market
(While you're there, explore all around the market and definitely stop by Roni-Sue)

Clinton St. Baking Co.
4 Clinton Street

531 Hudson St

Nom Wah
13 Doyers St

DessertTruck/Cathcart & Reddy Cafe
6 Clinton St

145 Avenue C

Jimmy's No. 43
43 East 7th St

Peanut Butter & Co.
240 Sullivan St

Luke's Lobster
93 East 7th St

Corner Bistro
331 West 4th St

Shake Shack
Madison Square Park

Lots of beer
For Drinks:
43 East 7th St

Half Pint
76 West 3rd St

Blind Tiger
281 Bleecker St

Molly's Sheeban
287 Third Ave

Idle Hands
25 Avenue B

41 First Ave

Rattle 'n Hum
14 East 33rd St

Spitzer's Corner
101 Rivington St

And try to stop by two great outdoor markets before they're done for the season: Smorgasburg on Saturdays and New Amsterdam on Sundays.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Support Your Local Businesses

Robicelli's Cupcakes
It's been a rough week in New York, but I can't help but feel so fortunate. Compared to the losses that many people have suffered up and down the East Coast, our complaints are few and small. So many small businesses and individuals are hurting from personal and financial losses. What's heartening are the stories of how New Yorkers are pitching in to help each other whether it's tweets from one restaurant or shop to another to help with refridgerator or storage space or hearing about food trucks delivering food to areas without power...

Eater has a comprehensive list of restaurants that are open or you can follow the #openinNYC twitter tag. If you have cabin fever, check them out and tip your servers well, the undoubtably had to work hard just to get there.

Lots of community organizations are seeking volunteers to help with donations, cooking, and delivering food to affected areas. Whether it's dropping off much needed water and paper goods to the drive at PS 32 for the Red Hook Houses or connecting with the Red Hook Initiative help out. NYC council member Stephen Levin is collecting supplies for Rockaways, BreezyPoint and Coney Island. You can drop off toiletries, diapers, insulin, batteries, and flashlights at his office at 410 Atlantic Ave. Follow him on twitter for more info. And here are some more resources for how to help around the city and in NJ.

These are just some of the ways you can pitch in. Reach out in your own neighborhood if you can and again, don't forget the small businesses--listen to Allison Robicelli on Heritage Radio, maker of the fantastic cupcakes seen above, describing the Sandy aftermath as a business in Zone A. Shop local and encourage your friends and family to do the same, your community needs you.