Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sugar & Plumm Brings It With Desserts

Jack Tripper
Tomorrow's the big day. I hope you all have your birds, your pies, your cranberry sauces, and your game plan ready. I will be wishing the best for all. For those of you in New York looking for a little Thanksgiving Eve fun and hoping to head up to watch the balloons inflate (personally, this is *much* better than watching the parade), I have the best place for you to stop by for a sweet treat.

Earthquake in a Fishbowl
Sugar & Plumm does have a savory menu, but once you're inside the store, you'll forget it exists. There's multiple counters at the ready with treats plus a wall of candy to the back. Or snag a table and check out the dessert menu. It holds something wonderful and fun: Earthquake in a Fishbowl. Three different flavors of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and salted caramel) surrounded by slices from various cakes. It's way too much for just one to eat. It's probably even too much for a family of four to share. But it's decedent and fun and the perfect treat when your with a group that can't make up its mind (and doesn't mind sharing a few germs.)

Cake in a Jar
Now this is something that's not actually on the menu anymore, but how can I not share Cake in a Jar? I love things that comes in jars, this one involved lemon curd, vanilla cake and lemon shortbread. And berries, of course. If that's not your style, I highly recommend the Jacktripper sundae. It's got butterscotch, chocolate sauce, crushed peanuts, and brownie and blondie bits. I'm a sucker for a good sundae and with a list like the one they have, I'm pretty sure a repeat visit is in order.

Sugar & Plumm
377 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 787-8778


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