Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eli's Pizza Makes a Mean Calzone

Eli's Calzone Close up 

I've blogged before about Eli's in Hamden, CT and how they are making some seriously legit New Haven-style pizza (without the wait of the Big Three). Well, as of last weekend I can confirm that they also make a mean calzone...

Eli's Cheese Calzone

I haven't had a good calzone (or really any calzone) in ages. Whenever we go for pizza, Lawman & co want pizza not calzones, but on Saturday night I prevailed. While Eli's has an extensive menu of toppings (or fillings, rather) for their calzones, I went for the traditional cheese. A word to the wise...the large calzone is ENORMOUS! It's basically a large pizza worth of dough that they then stuff with copious amounts of cheese. It's insane, especially if you also order a large pizza and a salad...

With a plain cheese calzone it's all about that gooey, cheese filling and Eli's delivers. With each cut, the calzone oozed out more cheesy-goodness. Really how could you go wrong with mozzarella, ricotta and Pecorino Romano? And their chunky marinara sauce was great, too. Light and bright it was the perfect accompaniment to the calzone. If you run low on sauce be sure to ask for extra--they happily obliged us with a refill and our waitress even offered some extra sauce to-go when she packed up our remaining half calzone for the road.

Eli's Greek Salad
I also highly recommend their Greek Salad ($9), also enormous and perfect for sharing with a crowd this was chalk full of feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pepperoncini peppers and provided a nice bit of greenery for an otherwise cheesetacular meal.

Eli's! I'll be back soon.

Eli's Brick Oven Pizza
2402 Whitney Avenue
Hamden, Connecticut 06518

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