Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mac 'n' Cheese *AND* Cookies

Mac n Cheese Off.jpg-large
It's the holidays. Let's all eat until we burst and get fat (but I'm totally on the "stressed out about final papers" and "bitches, I'm going to Mexico" combo diet plan) BUT you guys should all totally go eat macaroni and cheeses this Sunday *AND* then cookies in two weeks. File it under "Charitable Activities" on your taxes. Over the past few weeks, I've been discussing the relief efforts with various sources and I have to say I'm incredibly impressed by Occupy Sandy. You support them and stuff your face: win for everybody.

Then December 16th, Matt Timms is having bakers throw down with the Cookie Takedown. As usual, it's happening in Gowanus' Bell House. There's going to be free Bulleit-spiked egg nog and beers for sale, and cookies! You can eat all the cookies!!! Tickets are $15, buy them here.

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