Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's The Last Weekend of Smorgasburg!!

Dough's Hibiscus Doughnut
It seems like forever and ever and many hours of working ago, I met my bestie and incredibly famous influential blogger, Donny Tsang, for a day of eating at Smorgasburg. It ended up being one of the only weekends I managed to make it, though the market is only a short ten minute walk from my apartment. AND OH GOD, IT'S GOING TO GET COLD SOON AND SUMMER'S OVER AND I'VE MISSED EVERY SMORGASBURG FOR MONTHS AND NOW IT'S THE LAST WEEKEND!

Classic Fish Sandwich
Since many of the Smorgasburg vendors have had a rough go of it the last month, I implore you to go! You can eat doughnuts! You can eat fish sandwiches! You can eat salt water taffy! I hear there's even a BAR now! Nothing says gearing up for winter like getting wasted on a Saturday afternoon. And if we're lucky (and by lucky, I mean lottery-winning lucky) you might even see me show up, a little dazed from my morning research and feeling the pressure of papers that need to be written. But you should go!

Smorgasburg is located at the end of North 6th Street at the East River.

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CityMinx said...

I'm in hold for work that day, but if its canceled want to try and grab a group and go? I've never ever been! :-0