Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Very Local Christmas

Swingle from Steve's Authentic
This Christmas in the wake of the massive Hurricane Sandy recovery underway in New York as I made my gift list I tried to include local merchants and vendors and I must say it made for a very delicious Christmas…
We brought my parents a key lime pie from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies in Red Hook for Christmas Eve. (Of course we needed to get a swingle, a dark chocolate-covered key lime tart on a stick for us for the road).
I stuffed Lawman’s stocking with sweet and salty and peppermint brownie corners from Baked NYC. And gave various friends and relatives caramels and honeycomb candy from Liddabit Sweets, brownies and hot cocoa from Robicellis, ice cream from MilkMade ice cream, towels and cards from Claudia Pearson Illustration, and I did the rest of my stocking stuffer shopping along 5th ave in Brooklyn at Pink & Olive and Scaredy Kat.
Christmas was a hit. There wasn’t anyone who was disappointed by their treats. As we move into the New Year, let’s not forgot our local businesses. The rebuilding process is going to be a long one and they’ll need our support.


Austin S. Brooks said...

I love this! I'm all for supporting restaurants and I encourage everyone to shop/eat locally, I even made a list of my favorite places where to eat in NYC

MamaBrownie said...

The key lime pie was wonderful.

Thanks, Brownie.