Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bananas Foster Sundae

Caramelizing Bananas
I've never been a fan of banana split sundaes. It just seems like forced fruit-eating. Why is there a banana? Who came up with this idea? And when you try to slice your banana with your spoon and the whole thing goes over the edge, possibly taking part of your sundae with it! Ugh, the agony! Doug from Big Gay Ice Cream understands, so he decided to experiment with caramelizing banana slices yesterday *and then* creating the sundae. Genius.

Banana Sundae
The sundae came with their weekly special flavor, hazelnut brownie; ours started flopping over because it was melting. And it tasted delicious, even if the heat and cold made my sensitive teeth hurt a bit. It was a wonderful pre-dinner dessert to split.

Big Gay Ice Cream
61 Grove Street
Greenwich Village

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