Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brownie's Favorite Food Gadget Gifts

Christmas treats
If you’re a serious eater or serious cook, chances are you received some food related gadgets over the holidays. Here are a few favorites from my haul . . .

The Keurig frother was actually a gift from my aunt a couple Christmases ago, but it’s one that I still use on a fairly regular basis and perfect for making a lazy man’s latte. The frother heats and froths milk in a matter of minutes. Just add that to your favorite coffee or in my case, instant espresso, and jump start your day.

The spongester
The Spongester was a gift to Lawman. Sold exclusively by Uncommon Goods, a fun gift site that Blondie introduced me to, it’s a clever way to keep your “good” dish sponge” safe from being mistaken for your “evil” surface sponge. I appreciate the double decker stacking that lets the sponges dry out without marinating too much in their own bacteria slurry. If you’re going to cook, you’ve got to clean up!

We also got a brand new mortar and pestle from my in-laws and that's definitely a gift I’m looking forward to. Our old marble mortar and pestle took an unfortunate spill off the counter that left it in pieces. We love using it for grinding spices—that way we can buy whole spices like whole cloves or whole peppercorns and then grind them so the spices stay fresher longer. I can’t wait to break this one in!

If there was a food gift of the year at Casa Brownie it was the Baking Steel. I gifted three to some of my nearest and dearest. If you love making pizza at home this is a new must have tool. The steel retains and transfers heat better than our old baking stone resulting in quicker pizza cook time (win!) and better crust (super win!). We test drove my brother’s steel at my parents’ house for Christmas dinner and my brother proclaimed that we made the best tasting homemade pizza crust that he’d ever had (and that was even using store bought dough. The rise was just plain superior. Don’t believe me? Check out this comprehensive review on Serious Eats from Kenji Lopez-Alt.

What food gadget gifts did you give or get?


Jen Anderson said...

I got a whole mess of pie making things. A pie bird, an Oxo pie cutter, an adjustable silicone shield to keep the edges from burning and a pie carrier.

MamaBrownie said...

Pie makers rule! Best of Wishes with all your new pie gadgets Jen.

Anonymous said...

I saw that good sponge/bad sponge on Uncommon Goods and almost bought it...I probably will when I move into a new apt!

I gave my father the hand forged cheese slicer from Uncommon Goods. His one job on Christmas is to prepare the cheese plate, and he loved it! It just took a little while to get used to it.

Brownie said...

@JenAnderson: Oh! I've always wanted a pie bird! Sounds like there are many pies in your future.

@cindspectus: I totally recommend the sponge thing. It's great. Nice space saver and at least for me it cuts the ick factor with sponges. That cheese slicer looks great! I got my in-laws a slate cheese board for Christmas from Brooklyn Slate (it's really nice quality and a lot cheaper than the one on Uncommon Goods). Also an excellent gift for a cheeselover!