Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brownie's Going to Austin! Where Should She Eat?

Pork Bulgogi Fries with Sriracha Mayo 
I'm getting ready to head down to Austin, Texas and I'm super excited because it's my very first time and I've heard that Austin has some amazing eats. I won't have a ton of time to explore, so I want to make sure anything I do have the chance to try is AWESOME. Can you help?

As an unapologetic doughnut fiend, Lawman-in-law told me to definitely hit Gordoughs for their ridiculously large, hot doughnuts in mind-blowing combinations like the DIRTY BERRY, a chocolate fudge iced with grilled strawberries or the FLYING PIG, with bacon with maple syrup icing...mmm...

Alas, I don't think there will be time for Franklin's BBQ, but I am dying for some good breakfast tacos and also, some tasty food truck grub. So where should I go? Hit me up with suggestions?

Photo by Lil Bobo.


Anonymous said...

Depends in where you are staying.

Torchy's breakfast tacos are great!Tex-Mex? I'd go to Chuy's or Maudie's. Food trucks? There's a bunch on South Congress (the cool kids call it So Co). A word of warning about SoCo, it's going to be really crowded if you go the night of the first Thursday of the month.

Depending on the budget, you also might want to check out Barleyswine. It's a gastropub on the south side that's been doing great things. If you're also up to it, check out Uchi. It's a sushi place that Tyson Cole has been doing amazing things at.

I know that you love food, so you might want to check out the While Foods downtown. It's the headquarters. They've got some interesting kiosks for dining.

Austin, TX

Jen Anderson said...

Have breakfast at Juan in a Million. Great breakfast burritos, and I think they have migas.

Joyce said...

I second going to Torchy's! The tacos are great. I especially love the fried avocado tacos.

And I know its not a food truck but Franklin Barbecue is amazing. True, the wait/line is epic but so is the food.

Hope you have a tasty time in Austin!

Anonymous said...

Below are three of my favorites:
1) Takoba – amazing breakfast tacos, brunch and the best michelada in town!
2) Elizabeth Street Café - French Vietnamese Café – love the food and the coffee
3) Blue Dahlia - European-style bistro with a really cute garden patio in the back. Delicious soups, salads, tartines and a delicious cheese plate :)

cmb said...

I'd say skip the food trucks (not really what Austin is about, and too much like anything you can find in NYC). Franklin is impossible, and you're going to have to make more than half a day of it. Not a fan of Torchy's also—save room for real tacos or enchiladas!

In the same amount of time to visit Franklin you could head to Taylor and get some very proper Texas barbecue at Louie Mueller's, or to Lockhart for Smitty's or Black's. And take in the beautiful hill country.

You're going to have to eat a Tex-Mex dinner more than even breakfast tacos and for that I suggest Matt's El Rancho or Chuy's (mainstays, but pretty conservative and Americanized), or Polvo's or Curra's for more influence of interior Mexico. Polvo's is my favorite, and their chile rellenos, guajillo fajitas, enchiladas and exotic tacos boast flavors that you can really only find in Austin. You could also head to the east side for breakfast tacos at numerous, easily-searchable places, or a meal of traditional tacos y tortas etc at the excellent Laz Cazuelas on Cesar Chavez.

There is also a wealth of quality Vietnamese on the north side, but I'm a bit out of touch with that scene as I've lived in Brooklyn for almost six years.

Also: hamburgers at Dan's, Dirty Martin's or Player's (all unlike burgers in NYC, old school and basically somewhere between west-coast and midwest-style). All near UT campus, which is a good experience.

Hope that helps! I know there is a trashy bend to my recommendations but I am pretty familiar with your blog.

-Chris (Austinite-cum-NYer)