Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy (Almost) Birthday to the King!

Elvis Cupcake 
Tomorrow is Elvis's 78th birthday. In honor of the King, here are some pb & bacon inspired treats you can make at home to celebrate. Happy birthday, you hunka, hunka burning bacon lover...

First came the Elvis cupcake (still one of my best dessert creations) in honor of Cupcakes Take the Cake maven Rachel Kramer Bussel's birthday.

  Elvis Cake Slice 2 
Then I got a little boozy, 'cause come on, would a good Southern boy like Elvis pass up some bourbon? For those of you who prefer your cake in giant slab form, check out this triple layer, super decadent banana, bacon and bourbon birthday cake I created for Peanut Butter & Company, the very shop in Greenwich Village that introduced me to the Elvis sandwich, a grilled peanut butter, banana, and bacon wonder drizzled with honey.

No time for baking? Stop by PB & Co and pick up an Elvis sandwich. They'll even cut the crusts off for you, if you ask nicely.

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