Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You Do Not See This Doughnut Sundae

Doughnut Sundae
I might be in love with Big Gay Ice Cream's new West Village shop. Besides being only a ten minute walk from campus, I can sit and relax while eating my weight in sprinkles. Plus now they have pastries from La Newyorkina *and* Dough doughnuts. If you follow Doug on Instagram, you can even see when he's doing fun things and luck out with a delicious special.

Doughnut Sundae
I put this picture on Instagram of the delicious doughnut sundae Doug made me a week or so ago. Yes, even though the doughnut was chocolate frosted with sprinkles, I wanted more. There are never enough sprinkles. The sundae's still being tweaked before it's readily available to the masses, but there's nothing stopping you from combining a doughnut and a cup of ice cream. And as for La Newyorkina's pastries? The one I tried--a guava and cream cheese empanada--was absolutely delicious. If I lived around there, I'd totally stop by and get one on my way to work since they open 7am.

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
61 Grove Street
West Village


Hungry said...

You just made my day

Thumbs Cookies said...

I heard about this! My friend goes all the time...I better go soon! Thanks for the blog :)