Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Travels with Brownie: Doughnuts & More Doughnuts at Gordough's Public House in Austin Texas

Squealing Pig from Gordough's Public House

When I first asked Lawman-in-law for food recs for my recent trip to Austin, Texas, the first thing he offered up was "you must go to Gordough's." For those unfamiliar with the Austin food truck scene, Gordough's is both a food truck and now a public house serving up ridiculous, freshly made doughnut creations. My brother-in-law knows me all too, well...

In fact, though I didn't know it, I've been dreaming of Gordough's myself for two years since Lawman-in-law texted me a photo of their Flying Pig, a maple frosted doughnut covered with bacon. Scrumptious bacon. I knew about the doughnut, but I never knew the name of the place. When I finally put two and two together, I knew that Gordough's was a must-visit spot for me.

With limited time, but a very obliging hostess. Instead of hitting the truck, we went straight to Gordough's Public House from the airport shortly after my arrival for a late night dinner. Their menu is chock-full of doughnutty goodness. Seriously, you'd be hard pressed to find something that didn't come with a doughnut. Their sandwiches and burgers are served on doughnuts, their salads come with a garlic doughnut on the side and then, of course, there are doughnuts for dessert.

Doughnut Burger from Gordough's

For those who fear the doughnut burger (ahem, Lawman), the burgers at Gordough's come atop unsweetened doughnuts--it's more like a fried bread with a hole. Even a self-professed doughnut lover like me will admit that their Big Baller doughnut burger was pretty ridiculous. Burgers are great. Doughnuts are too. That doesn't necessarily mean that I need them together. Was it a fun indulgence? Sure. But not one that needs to be repeated in this lifetime. I'd rather save my artery clogging for dessert or breakfast.

Speaking of dessert, even though I'd had a burger-topped doughnut there was no was I was leaving Austin without trying one of their proper frosted doughnut delights. Though I spied the Flying Pig on the menu, I couldn't resist going for the Squealing Pig instead, a cream cheese frosted, strawberry jalapeño jelly topped confection covered with candied jalapeños and bacon. Oh, glory! Now this was the sort of doughnut indulgence that I save my calories for. After eating a good 3/4s of my burger, I couldn't manage more than a 1/4 of this doughnut. Seriously, they're huge, but what a wonderful 1/4 it was. Next time I'm in Austin I'm definitely making a trip to the truck to try their Dirty Berry, a fudge iced doughnut with grilled strawberries.

Gourdough's Public House
2700 S. Lamar
Austin TX, 78704
Phone 512.912.9070

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