Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Travels with Brownie: Hey Cupcake in Austin, Texas

Hey Cupcake Truck Austin
One of the fun things about the food truck scene in Austin is that many of their trucks are very cool retro Airstream trailers. I just love the aesthetic of an Airstream , they lack the harsh corners and edges that so many trucks have giving the impression of a giant silver Twinkie. In short, they just look friendly. And when you have an Airstream with a giant rotating pink-frosted cupcake on top like Hey Cupcake on South Congress how could you not be friendly?

Hey Cupcake Menu
Hey Cupcake in Austin serves up “Texas-sized” cupcakes. The cupcake are $3, but I’ve seen more expensive, much smaller cupcakes around these parts—I wonder how many quarter-sized $1 cupcakes you could fit in a Texas cupcake…). After a bit of deliberation I chose the Mint Rushmore because 1) the name is awesome and hilarious and 2) how could I resist peppermint buttercream on an Andes Mint chocolate cake. The truck offers a complimentary filler-up known as a “whipper snapper” and will fill your cupcake with fresh whipped cream on request. It sounded good to me but I knew that I wouldn’t be eating the cupcake until later and I wasn’t quite sure how the whipped cream would fare in the Texas heat.

Mint Rushmore cupcake from Hey Cupcake Austin
The cupcake didn’t need it anyhow. The cake was super moist and chocolatey with a nice hint of mint and while the butter cream might not have been super fancy, it was minty and sweet and that’s fine by me!

Hey Cupcake
Hey Cupcake
1600 Block of S. Congress
Austin, TX
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