Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Travels with Brownie: 70% Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Bars

Dark Chocolate Kit Kat
Kit Kats are my dad’s favorite candy bars, but they never held any allure for me. In my book the only redeeming thing about them is the crispy interior, but if you’re going to dip that in waxy and overly sweet chocolate you can keep those candies to yourself. I strongly prefer dark chocolate but most mass produced “dark chocolate” candy bars in the US don’t pass muster as being chocolatey enough. When I was in Jamaica a few weeks back and spotted these 70% dark chocolate Kit Kats imported from the UK, my interest was piqued. 70% chocolate? On a Kit Kat? I had to give it a try...

Sure enough these Kit Kats deliver on the chocolate front. While maybe it’s not as fancy a dark chocolate as you might get from say, Scharffen Berger, it was probably the best dark chocolate I’ve had from a mass produced brand. I spotted these bars over the weekend at the Park Slope Key Food on 5th Avenue—for whatever reason they have a lovely UK imports section—for $1.29, which isn’t a terrible price for an import bar. I’d be curious to see how they compare in a side-by-side with the Dark Kit Kat bar that’s typically sold in the States. Anyone ever tried a head-to-head with the two?

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