Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh, Book Signings Isn't ALL!

Best Moment of My Life
Yesterday, we let you know all the details about the book signings we have lined up--which there is already another one: Saturday, April 27th at BookCourt--but that isn't all we're doing!! I have the validation moment of my life coming up on Friday. NY1, baby. N. Y. 1. (yes, the best moment of my life so far was when I *finally* met Pat Kiernan two years ago) (stop judging me)

At some point during the Friday morning hours, barring a major natural disaster or other breaking news, I will be appearing on NY1 for a hot second to discuss the book! This is a big moment for this little girl from Queens. Like I needed to call family members when it was confirmed. Then on Monday, we're going to be guests on Cathy Erway's Heritage Radio Show "Let's Eat In"! This means that friends far and wide can hear us discussing important street food topics!! And, oh my goodness, this isn't all. We're in talks for a whole mess of other things to happen in mid-May and June! Of course, we're going to let you guys know first.

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