Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Scandinavians Are Taking Over

I am calling the unforeseen trend of 2013: Scandinavian food. The Danish eatery Aamanns-Copenhagen opened late last year in Tribeca and I recently stopped by for a relaxing lunch--a relaxing, modernist lunch.

Aamanns is all white and wood, totally what you'd expect from the Danish, with a fish-centric menu to match. I decided upon the Fiskefrikadeller--pan-fried hake smørrebrød. The dish was great, the fried fish being perfectly seasoned and light. So light, you almost forget it's fried. The hearty homemade rye. This is an excellent option for a light lunch; people looking for a more filling meal would be wise to get an appetizer or maybe the *trio of cured herring*!!

Those of you Christian types should look up their Danish Easter Menu! It's $46/person and gives you a good taste of their menu!

13 Laight Street
(212) 925-1313

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