Thursday, March 14, 2013

Celebrate Pi Day at Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Pies Are Round No, Pies Are Squared

The other day I told you about the new, Rosemary Shoofly Pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds. Well, today, in honor of Pi Day (3.14, baby!) Four & Twenty has pie slices on special. Time to indulge your inner math geek/pie freak...

Today and today ONLY, all *NEW* seasonal flavors of pie are on sale for $3.14, all day! Here's what you can get...

Rosemary Honey Shoofly

Green Chili Chocolate

Sweet Potato Apple Crumble

Maple Lime Custard

The Rosemary Honey Shoofly is the only new pie I've tried and I've been dying for the Sweet Potato Apple Crumble. I see a pie mission in my near future. How about you? How are you celebrating Pi Day? *The Pi/Pie creation above was my Serious Eats/Instructables Pi Day contest entry from a few years back.

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