Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Choice Eats 2013 Recap Part One

Ample Hills Ice Cream samples (800x531)
Last night was the Sixth Annual Village Voice Choice Eats and I swear the event gets better and better each year. Going into the event I was naturally looking forward to nibbles from some old favorites on the list: Ample Hills Creamery, Danny Macaroons, Del Posto, Jimmy's No. 43, La Newyorkina, Liddabit Sweets, Luke's Lobster, Ovelia Psistaria, Peanut Butter & Co., Robicelli's, and SCRATCHbread among others. On numbers alone this year exceeded past years with a record-breaking 86 restaurants participating. 86! Here are some of my favorite bites....

Lamb Haneez from Yemen Cafe (800x531)
Having attended Choice Eats every year since its inception you pick up a few tricks here and there. When there's that much good food being offered you need to remind yourself to be selective. Don't eat the stuff you've had before or take samples from places that you visit on a regular basis. Take the opportunity to try new dishes. Ages ago, Lawman and I visited Yemen Cafe on Atlantic Avenue and I was excited to see them at Choice Eats last night. They brought an awesome hot tea--it sort of reminded me of a cross between sweet Moroccan mint tea and chai. Very good. And some delicious Lamb Haneez, a spiced lamb that's slow roasted for 5 hours. So glad I left room for this!

StoopPizza from SCRATCHbread (800x531)
Be wary of bread. Lots of the dishes like home cured sausages are served on or with bread. That bread will fill you up. If I'm having bread, it's going to be either something awesome from SCRATCHbread, like their "StoopPizza" with speck, garlic, and pecorino.

Kuma Inn Lechon (800x531)
Follow @ChoiceEats on twitter. All throughout the day they were tweeting mini previews of what would be served. That's how I found out that Kuma Inn was bringing lechon (whole roasted pig!). With that extra bit of intel, I hit Kuma Inn's table early on before the lines got too long and before they ran out of piggy.

Xe May Hog Sandwich (800x531)
I also discovered via twitter that Xe May Sandwich shop was serving up a delicious sounding "hog" sandwich which consisted of grilled pork, fried shallots, pickled carrots and daikon with chili mayo on a baguette. I also managed to score some of this before the lines got too long.

Ooey Gooey Ice Cream from Ample Hills (800x531)
Also, pay attention to the event hashtag #choiceeats. Admittedly I wasn't the best tweeter at the event--my phone wasn't getting very good service to send tweets, but if you had been peeking on the event hash tag you might have seen some pretty awesome tips on what to eat (and different killer combos) like Robicellis brownies with Ample Hills Ooey Gooey Cake ice cream. Heaven. Pure heaven I tell you.

Robicellis brownies
Between the food coma and the late hour I'm about to fall asleep. I promise I'll share more favorite bites on Friday. These event was so tasty it deserves another look!

If you missed out on Choice Eats, tickets for the second annual Choice Streets (on the INTREPID, yes, that Intrepid) are on sale. But don't delay. They sold out super early last year. Next year, keep tabs on the events by following @ChoiceEats.

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kim said...

Wow. Must've been a very 'fulfilling' evening. A giant smorgasbord! :)

Did you go in as press or individual?