Monday, March 18, 2013

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream Shamrock Shake

Mt Desert Island Ice Cream Sign
St. Patrick’s Day may have been yesterday, but I still have green-themed desserts on the brain due in no small part to my mom paying a visit to one of my all-time favorite ice cream shops, Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream in Portland, Maine. I follow MDIIC on Facebook, so I always know about their awesome new flavors and specials (even if it makes me wistful that I’m not up in Maine). When I heard that my parents were heading up to Maine for the weekend I told them they had to go drink a Shamrock Shake from MDIIC for me. They happily obliged and here’s my mom’s post on said shake…

Any trip to Portland, Maine is made better by a stop at Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream. This east coast bit of ‘Portlandia,’ is famous for fearlessly producing tasty and quirky flavors such as: Hot Chili Chocolate, Bay of Figs, Curry Banana, Root Ginger, etc. However, the inspiration for this visit was finding that annual March favorite (invented but not perfected by McDs)—the Shamrock Shake.

I love green ice cream in all its forms* - mint chocolate chip, green tea, and of course, pistachio. My talented daughter**, Brownie, posted a really beautiful recipe she developed for a homemade Shamrock Shake using fresh mint leaves on Serious Eats Sweets this month. Alas, I was not in Brooklyn to slurp even one brain freezing drop! So, when Brownie told me that Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream was featuring the Shamrock Shake this month, I had to try one.

shamrock shake 3
Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream uses only organic milk and cream to make their ice cream. Their Shamrock Shake starts with their own Madagascar Vanilla Bean ice cream as a base to which they add dinner butter mints and then, apologizing profusely, a bit of green food coloring. (Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream prides itself on not adding artificial anything to anything!) The whole creation was topped with whipped cream. It was really good. There were tiny pieces of dinner mints that made the texture of the mix interesting, but not straw clogging. I may have to make an excuse to go to Portland again this month!

Wishing all of you Shamrock Shakes of luck and happiness for March and the rest of the year,

Mama Brownie

*See, I get it from somewhere--Brownie
**Mom! I'm blushing!--Brownie


CityMinx said...

Aw, great post Brownie's Mom!

MamaBrownie said...

Thanks! It was a sweet task.
Happy St. Joseph's Day to everyone!
Mama Brownie

Unknown said...

And niw i want to go to maine...! Mama brownie wrote a great review- and i'm going to find some of those mints to try and make my own version, it sounds amazing!