Thursday, March 7, 2013

Murray’s Cheese Bar Makes Killer Omlets (and Serves AWESOME Piri Piri Sauce)

Chorizo Chili Omlet from Murray's
As Blondie mentioned last week, Murray’s Cheese Bar is now serving brunch and we got a special look at their press preview. How good is that brunch? So good that it deserves two posts. So good that I’m staring at my calendar willing myself to have a free weekend to go there for brunch again…

As a kid I was omlet obsessed. If we went somewhere with an omlet bar that was ALWAYS what I ordered. There was just something so magical about picked whatever you wanted and watching it get turned into a plate-sized egg disc before your very eyes. Alas, my eyes always proved to be bigger than my stomach and often times these omlet bars turned out omlets that as a whole were lackluster at best—greasy, sometimes overly browned omlet discuses. Thanks but no thanks. Because omlets have the tendency to go rubbery…fast, I generally just make fluffy scrambled eggs with various mix-ins to satisfy my breakfasttime eggy cravings. But the Chorizo Chili Omlet at Murrary’s Cheese Bar has made me an omlet believer again. Why? Because their omlets are super-light and fluffy, like they could float off your plate fluffy. No browned spots here. These are omlets as they should be made. Omlets that would do any culinary school instructor proud. Omlets that I would like seconds of…like…right…now.

piri piri sauce
One of my favorite things about the Chorizo Chili Omlet, besides the fluffy eggs and hello(!) chorizo + Cotswold cheddar was the Mazi Piri Piri sauce they serve on the side. This traditional Portuguese sauce is fiery and just darn good. It’s made in small batches in NJ, but just a few droplets will have you craving more (and contemplating sauce hoarding). Seriously, I would go back for the sauce alone.

Murray's Cheese Bar
264 Bleecker Street
Greenwich Village
(646) 476-8882

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