Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little Mexican Passover Action

Matzoh Pozole
One of these days, I'll stop talking about Mexican food. But that's not happening today. Did you know there is a little Mexican Jewish community living in Mexico City?! Did you know that Rosa Mexicano does Mexican Passover?! You know you want a look at this menu which proves Passover meals don't have to be boring, and let's face it, it's that point in Passover where your meals have gotten boring.

The menu involves beautiful things like that Jalisco-style pozole made with fluffy chipotle-marrow matzo balls and banana leaf-wrapped barbecued beef brisket. Even the chopped liver isn't chopped liver; it's made with tempura scallions and salsa verde. Dessert includes a Mexicana Strudel--flaky strudel stuffed with tropical fruits, pumpkin seeds, and muy caliente chocolate. For drink, you can get sangria made with a Manischewitz reduction--it's goooood. Here, take a peek at the full menu.

The Seder Dinner menu only goes on until this Saturday evening, so you need to get on it!

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