Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Choice Streets is Returning!!

Choice Streets
I loved spending time on the Intrepid last year and was quite worried when Hurricane Sandy rolled through that her fierce winds and storm surge would damage the ship, the pier, or the aircraft on top *for good*. She did damage it some, but The Intrepid has since been repaired and reopened, and on Tuesday, May 7th, we can all hang out on the pier again, eating from our favorite food trucks on a warm spring evening because Village Voice's Choice Streets is returning!

Choice Streets 2013
If you're on one of Village Voice's email lists, you might have gotten the "Insider" email letting us know that 1) tickets will on sale to the general public this Thursday at 12 noon and 2) that "Insiders" are currently in the middle of a pre-sale. Tickets--$50 for VIPs and $40 for everyone else--can be bought here or, for those with the code, which may or may not be CS50713, can get their tickets today. No word yet on which trucks we'll be feasting on, but I can guarantee they'll be good.

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