Monday, April 1, 2013

Did You Get Your Tickets? Choice Streets is Sold Out!

Choice streets
The Village Voice's 2nd Annual Choice Streets is 5 weeks away and it's already SOLD OUT! If you haven't bought your tickets yet, I'm sorry to say this isn't an April Fools joke (you should have paid attention to Blondie's post two weeks ago!). All of the VIP and General Admissions tickets are gone, gone, gone. For those that did manage to snag tickets, looks like it's going to be a fun night aboard the Intrepid at Pier 86...

Last week the Voice announced 2 additional participating food trucks, making 9 food trucks in total so far: Desi Food Truck, Mike N' Willie's, Big D's Grub, Coolhaus, Gorilla Cheese NYC, Nuchas, Phil's Steaks, Souvlaki GR, and Valducci's Original Pizza. This year they plan on having 25 of the city's favorite trucks. What can we say? The Voice has great taste...Big D's and Coolhaus are two of the vendors featured in our book, New York à la Cart: Recipes and Stories from the Big Apple's Best Food Trucks .

All this Choice Streets talk is reminding me of what a great time I had at Choice Eats on 3/19 and that there were still a few awesome dishes that I've been meaning to share with you. Here's the rest of my best bites...

Anella Handmade Burrata (800x531)
Not surprisingly more than a few of my favorite bites involve cheese. The homemade burrata from Anella was INCREDIBLE. I know it's cliche to describe things as "melt in your mouth" but seriously, I'm not sure what other words to use to describe the creamy, almost buttery perfection that was this little piece of cheese (with a spot of tomato jam and basil salt).

Dirt Candy Cherry Tomato Tart with Smoked Feta (800x531)
One of the longest lines I wanted it was for these tiny tomato and smoked feta tarts from Dirt Candy. After one bite of this smokey, cheesey goodness I was ready to get back in line to wait all over again for another.

Mrs. Dorsey's Grilled Goat Cheese (800x531)
I spotted Mrs. Dorsey's Kitchen Grilled Cheese at the Columbus Circle market, but didn't have a chance to taste their wares until the Vendys. Their goat cheese with strawberry and mint preserves was an interesting take on the traditional grilled cheese. I can't wait until they open a shop in Prospect Heights.

S'mores Bakery
The folks from S'more Bakery wowed with their made to order homemade s'mores--who doesn't love seeing a pastry torch in action?

Smores Bakery Salty Oat Cookie
But it was their Salty Oat cookies with chocolate chunks and marshmallow that I'm still dreaming of. Salty, sweet, chewy and chocolatey. What more can you ask for?

La New Yorkina Grapefruit Paleta (800x531)
Wrapping things up and rounding out a great night of feasting, the Grapefruit paleta from La Newyorkina was light and fresh and reminded me just why I'm so looking forward to spring (and summer!)

If you missed out on Choice Eats and Choice Streets, keep tabs on the events by following @ChoiceEats.

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Julie True Kingsley said...

Just another reason to come to New York this spring. This looks not only tasty, but a ton of fun.

Maybe next year!