Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Last Signing and We're Bringing CoolHaus!!!

Chocolate Chip & Strawberry
So many moons ago, I wandered down to Marlow & Daughters for my first taste of Coolhaus. If you'd told me then that I'd be asking them to come vend outside my book signing in a few years, I would have told you to shut it. And get away from my ice cream. But yes, next week, Coolhaus is bringing their truck to Greenpoint to sell some ice cream sandwiches while (maybe, because she might be having a baby) Alex and I sign some books.

It's all going down Tuesday evening around 7pm. We'll be hanging out at WORD on Franklin Avenue, doing our last signing for quite awhile, possibly ever. Coolhaus is bringing their truck by a little early because I want to eat ice cream to tell passersby why they're here and get them to buy a copy. Of course, all of you are welcome to come join us. It's entirely possible that I'll be hitting up Paulie Gee's after.

WORD Brooklyn
126 Franklin Avenue
(718) 383-0096

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