Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brancaccio's Rigatoni Caprese is Garlic-tacular

Brancaccio's rigatoni caprese
It's no secret that I love the rotisserie chickens from Brancaccio's Food Shop in Kensington. My family subsisted on them while I was writing and revising the book. But lately I've been adding a little something extra to my regular orders and that something extra is the Rigatoni Caprese which is nothing short of garlic-tacular...

Here's the deal, there's ricotta salata, there's chili flakes, there's sliced grape tomatoes, parsley, maybe some Parm(?), and there's enough fresh garlic to make your nonni proud and ward off any nearby vampires. Rigatoni is an under appreciated pasta shape and here Brancaccio makes use of the large, tubular pasta's lines which are like channels of garlicky, cheesy goodness. While this is a relatively new addition to the menu joining the popular bacon mac & cheese, it's fortunately in regular rotation. Add some perfectly sauteed broccoli rabe and dinner is ready for the table.

Brancaccio’s Food Shop
3011 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
Between East 2nd & 3rd Streets
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 435-1997

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