Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Food Truck, Fighter Planes, and Frightening Lines.

Choice Streets
Choice Streets 2012 was one of my favorite events of the year: just the right amount of waiting time on lines, enough food, things to do in between bites, plentiful seating. The only negative ended up being the weather; it was outside and a bit chilly which caused our food to get cold quickly. This year, they moved it from April to May ensuring the weather would cooperate, but this appeared to have angered the food event gods.

Kelvin Slush
I felt this year had plenty of trucks, but something terrible happened: lines. Half hour long lines. Lines on lines on lines. Lines getting jumbled. Granted this general situation possibly came about from missing and non-serving trucks--I'm beginning to suspect that propane tank are the finickiest things. So, you'll have to excuse the small amount of food photos. I was on line most of the time. These were two of multiple Kelvin slushies we enjoyed. They didn't have a line.

Souvlaki GR
Souvlaki GR was ready with little plates of souvlaki and Greek fries with a side of tzatziki. I had multiples of this as well because it's always good. Always.

Mexico Blvd. Flauta
Mexico Blvd. had a good length of a line, but mainly due to them serving up the flauta fresh, like piping hot out of the oil. It was filled with black beans meaning it was healthy! Well, maybe it wasn't, but it was definitely delicious and worthy of two line trips.

Desi Truck
One truck that I see all the time--they like parking around NYU--yet never seem to order from is Desi Truck. They had the benefit of being the first truck seen by guests. I quite enjoyed this sample version of a kati roll filled with tiny cubes of tender potatoes and will consider getting the normal version when out and about.

Rhong Tiam
And I finally got to try Rhong Tiam's food. I'd never stopped by the restaurant nor the cart, so it was nice to get a taste. First up was a bit of their spicy chicken empanada, and then a good half of their burger. The meat was decently spiced adding a nice flavor to the burger, and they managed to get a great burger-to-bun ratio going.

Despite the lines, I still enjoyed last night. Events like this are always fun when the booze is flowing and you have friends in tow.

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